The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is accused of having a strong prejudice favoring Colby Covington by Leon Edwards.

It would appear that Leon Edwards has the impression that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is extremely prejudiced in favor of Colby Covington. During the next UFC 296 event, which will take place on December 16, 2023, the reigning undisputed UFC welterweight champion Edwards is expected to defend his title against Covington.

Colby Covington has already competed twice for the undisputed welterweight belt in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. As a result of defeats at the hands of Kamaru Usman in December 2019 and November 2021, the former interim UFC welterweight champion was unable to earn the undisputed belt on both occasions.

Over the course of the most recent episode of The MMA Hour podcast, presenter Ariel Helwani made the assertion that Colby Covington is the only “non-champion” who is receiving a crack at the UFC title after a lengthy hiatus that lasted approximately 21 months.

Edwards was asked by Helwani for his view on the matter of why the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has given Covington an immediate championship chance after such a lengthy layoff. ‘Rocky’ answered by expressing his opinion that Covington enjoys the ‘Dana White privilege,’ which means that he is significantly favored by Dana White, the CEO of the UFC, and the general organization of the UFC.

Edwards made the suggestion that Covington was chosen as the replacement fighter for his (Edwards’) trilogy showdown versus Usman in March, despite the fact that he did not deserve the opportunity. He is of the opinion that Covington has repeatedly asked for opportunities that he has not earned, and the UFC has, for some inexplicable reason, granted him those possibilities that are not entitled to him.

Furthermore, Edwards explained that his American opponent has been granted relatively easier matchups over the course of the past five years, particularly against fighters who are getting close to the conclusion of their careers. It was recalled by him that Colby Covington’s most recent bout was a victory over Jorge Masvidal, who was well past his prime physically. Furthermore, the resident of the United Kingdom remarked, indicating that he will overcome Covington in a decisive manner:

I am ready for this. As soon as I am prepared, I will demonstrate to him the various levels… It was a washed-up Masvidal that he defeated, and I saw it. Here he is going up against a man who is in the prime of his career, coming in with self-assurance and being larger and stronger than he is. What a relief it is!
Helwani chimed in and inquired as to whether or not ‘Rocky’ believes that the UFC is rooting for Covington to victory. As a response, Edwards stated to me:

Assuming that. “I believe that [former President of the United States Donald Trump] wants him to win.” No, I’m not sure. Doesn’t any of it make a difference? For the entirety of my professional life, I have been the underdog competing against the favored. I believe that this is the same as before. My thinking, my experience, and everything else about me is just right for the direction that my career is headed. As for me, everything just seems to work out perfectly for me, so I guess it simply is what it is.

Leon Edwards sheds light on potential next move after UFC 296

In a recent interview with TNT Sports, Leon Edwards discussed the potential next step he may take following his victory over Colby Covington at UFC 296, which took place earlier this month. In September of 2023, “Rocky” made a passing reference to the fact that his close friend Israel Adesanya had won the UFC middleweight championship.

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Leon Edwards underlined that he would like to step up to 185 pounds and acquire the UFC middleweight title that is presently held by Sean Strickland. This is because Adesanya has taken a backseat as of this time. “.In addition, Rocky emphasized that he will become the first-ever UFC double-champion from the United Kingdom if he is successful in winning the middleweight crown.

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