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The UFC and WWE vary significantly in that the former is scripted.


WWE and the UFC recently agreed to combine, creating a new publicly traded business run by Endeavor Group. Following months of rumours that WWE was being sold, the news was made on Monday.WWE owners will hold 49% of the new combat sports and entertainment company, while Endeavor will hold 51%, per the conditions of the agreement. According to a press release from the companies, the agreement is worth $9.3 billion for WWE and $12.1 billion for Endeavor’s UFC.

Despite the fact that a merging between WWE and the UFC might ultimately be advantageous for both businesses, professional wrestling and mixed martial arts have some significant differences. WWE is a form of entertainment that combines elements of professional wrestling, drama, and theater, whereas The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a combat sport involving full-contact fighting and utilising a variety of martial arts techniques.

Professional wrestling matches are frequently planned out, with plotlines and outcomes that are meant to amuse the crowd. Wrestlers are renowned for their dramatic introduction music, theatrical performances, and well-thought-out in-ring promos.

In comparison, MMA is a competitive sport in which participants fight in an unscripted, real-world arena. The weapons in a fighter’s toolbox as they pursue success and the ultimate reward, the championship gold, include striking, grappling, and submissions.

Although MMA fights are not scripted, it is important to note that the promotion does have laws in place for the protection of the participants and the fairness of the sport. The UFC’s final product for fans includes spectacular production values in promos and rivalries that are fueled by animosity.

However, the majority of these conflicts stem from actual distaste. The organisation’s objective of igniting interest among fight fans is simply served by the press conference and marketing.To put it simply, WWE is a scripted form of entertainment that combines aspects of professional wrestling, theatrics, and entertainment, whereas the Ultimate Fighting Championship is a real, unscripted combat sport that features full-contact fighting using a variety of martial arts techniques.

UFC vs. WWE: MMA fighter wants to pull off a WWE move with new Endeavor merger deal

Media coverage has been concentrated on Endeavor’s new agreement to combine WWE and UFC. Two of the biggest brands in sports entertainment would be combined thanks to the deal.

Despite their obvious differences, the content and cultures of the two businesses are very similar.Cody Durden, a UFC flyweight competitor who will next battle Charles Johnson, responded to Dana White’s post announcing the merger. He stated:

“Well done, sir! I am eager to drop from a scaffold and smash @innergmma through a table.

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