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The tremendous victory that Liam Nolan achieved at ONE Fight Night 18 has led him to consider a rematch with Sinsamut. “I’m open to that,” he said.


While competing at ONE Fight Night 18 over the past weekend, ONE lightweight Muay Thai sensation Liam Nolan turned up an outstanding performance. The British striking wonder defeated the Russian Ali Aliev in a convincing unanimous decision victory inside the illustrious Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. Ali Aliev was defeated by the British.

After suffering his most recent defeat in the promotion, which was against Sinsamut Klinmee of Thailand, a former challenger for the world title who had previously competed twice, Liam Nolan has now won two consecutive fights. Last year, Nolan and Sinsamut were scheduled to compete against each other once more at ONE Fight Night 16, but the fight was called off because Sinsamut, who is from the United Kingdom, was unable to attend due to an injury.

During the media scrum that took place after the fight, Nolan discussed the potential of finally doing battle with Sinsamut once more:

“Yes, I am willing to consider it. Obviously, it was supposed to take place in November, but I couldn’t be happier to go up against him this year.
It is possible that now is the ideal opportunity for the two strikers to confront each other again and settle the score. Both are now riding a wave of victories in the promotion, and it is possible that they are only one victory away from competing for the world crown.

Liam Nolan edges Ali Aliev out at ONE Fight Night 18

Liam Nolan, who had been absent from the sport for more than a year, had a triumphant return at ONE Fight Night 18, having taken some time off from the sport. During his most recent bout, which took place at ONE on Prime Video 4 in November 2022, he defeated Eddie Abasolo by way of a unanimous decision.

The British striking sensation competed against the Russian Ali Aliev in a Muay Thai match that lasted for three rounds last weekend. There was a full-scale conflict going on, and both sides got the opportunity to show off their most powerful weaponry and demonstrate their prowess.

Because the first two rounds featured a great deal of kick-catching, elbow smashes, powerful punch combinations, and devastating kicks, we believed that both rounds might have gone any way. The fight was so evenly matched that we considered it could have gone either way.

On the other hand, when Aliev began to show symptoms of exhaustion during the third round, Nolan began to draw away from Aliev very slightly. In the last round of the fight, the British striker displayed the same level of aggression and intensity that he had displayed in the first round, which earned him the approval of all three judges.

Those in North America who have a Prime Video subscription can watch the replay of ONE Fight Night 18: Gasanov vs. Oh on Prime Video whenever they want to watch it.

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