The top five surprises in UFC women’s annals

In the UFC, as well as in all of MMA, battles are typically won by the team that is expected to win. It makes sense that some mixed martial artists gain more respect from fans of the sport. Choosing to go up against a more powerful opponent is foolish and unnecessary dangerous.But in MMA, surprises can and frequently do occur. On the male side of the equation, Matt Serra’s stunning knockout victory over legendary fighter Georges St-Pierre ranks among the biggest upsets ever. Many laud it as the biggest surprise in mixed martial arts history.Although women’s MMA doesn’t have the same long past as men’s, there have still been many notable upsets. The most well-known instances of this kind all occurred in the UFC. Thus, the top five upsets in UFC women’s annals are compiled on this list.

#5. Alexa Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko, UFC 285

Valentina Shevchenko had one of the best records in WMMA annals prior to the events of UFC 285. The only woman regarded to be the best female fighter of all time, Amanda Nunes, who the former kickboxer lost to, also has a size advantage over “Bullet.”

Her lone other defeat came against Liz Carmouche as a result of an illegal upkick that left her with a significant cut and rendered her unsuitable to continue. The women’s flyweight champion going into UFC 285 was “Bullet,” who was on her way to making her eighth championship defence.

Nobody else but Alexa Grasso was in her way. The Mexican boxing expert was seen by many as an unfair casualty. On fight night, however, she stunned the MMA community by frequently knocking Shevchenko out during their kickboxing exchanges before deposing her with a face-crank in the fourth round.

#4. Amanda Nunes vs. Cris Cyborg, UFC 232

Cris Cyborg was the most feared woman in the field of mixed martial arts in 2018. She had not suffered a defeat since making her MMA debut in 2005 at the moment. With 20 victories under her belt, including 17 KO/TKO victories, she was regarded as the most fearsome opponent in WMMA.

She fought the only other female fighter who could match her seismic punching power at UFC 232. But nobody anticipated Amanda Nunes to triumph in the way that she did. Many people didn’t think she would win at all. After all, prior to the fight, Cyborg hadn’t suffered a defeat in over a decade.

Their eagerly awaited fight at UFC 232 created a spectacle. In just 51 seconds, “The Lioness” repeatedly threw Cyborg against the fence, knocking her to the ground as she beat her until one final strike sent Cyborg tumbling face-first to the mat.

#3. Rose Namajunas vs. Joanna Jędrzejczyk 1, UFC 217

Joanna Jdrzejczyk, a former strawweight champion who suffered a devastating knockout loss to Zhang Weili, the current 115-pound heavyweight champion, has retired from mixed martial arts (MMA), but there was a moment when it appeared as though she might never do so. During her years of peak performance, no one appeared to be even slightly capable of defeating her.As a result, Rose Namajunas and Poland’s first-ever UFC winner went into their fight full of confidence. She had a perfect record prior to the fight, and no one had been able to unravel the mystery of her elite kicking abilities. Thug Rose, on the other hand, had half as many losses as victories at the time.

She had a 6-3 record, making her a significant outsider. But after their fateful meeting, she dropped Jdrzejczyk after only three minutes. Her subsequent punches caused enough harm for her opponent to submit to strikes. Nobody anticipated that she would fall, much less in the opening round.

#2. Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm, UFC 193

Holly Holm was originally not seen as a threat to Ronda Rousey, despite the fact that she entered the UFC as an undefeated fighter herself. The reality is that, according to Joe Rogan, not even half of the male bantamweight roster was viewed as a danger to “Rowdy” in 2015.

When you reflect on that era, it is simple to see why Rousey was regarded as unbeatable. She was not only unbeatable, but she also decisively vanquished each and every one of her adversaries. In Melbourne, Australia, in front of a then-record-breaking audience, Holm was viewed as another sacrificed lamb ready for execution.

Instead, what followed was one of the most astounding MMA displays ever. Holm completely outstruck the former women’s bantamweight queen and even secured a takedown of her own. Fans quickly came to the conclusion that Rousey was totally outmatched by “The Preacher’s Daughter” in their match.

She stumbled around the octagon, only connecting with empty space while being countered like a beginner. A head strike in the second round knocked her to the ground. After several follow-up punches and the stunned audience rising to their feet, Holm became the first woman to defeat “Rowdy.”

#1. Julianna Peña vs. Amanda Nunes, UFC 269

There is no disputing Amanda Nunes’ standing among the greats of MMA. She is frequently cited as the best female fighter in history. She has received more praise than anyone else. She held a number of records, including the most UFC title wins in WMMA annals, and she defeated seven champions.

No one gave “The Venezuelan Vixen” a chance before their matchup with Julianna Pea because she has nuclear strength in every single one of her limbs. Why did they do that? She had a 10-fight winning run and a 4-fight losing streak prior to December 2021.

She is not a particularly strong or skilled attacker. Additionally, Germaine de Randamie, a kickboxer and white belt in BJJ, choked out the woman despite her competent grappling background. What could she possibly do that stronger opponents couldn’t to bother “The Lioness”?

Her responses were grit, resolve, and a clever strategy. She countered each of Nunes’ strikes with one of her own, preventing her from developing combinations. Nunes became worn out during the second round. Pea pounced with a rear-naked choke to secure the greatest victory of her career after smelling blood.

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