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The upper management of the UFC discusses whether or not Michael “Venom” Page will be signed by the organization.


Michael “Venom” Page, a former star for Bellator Fighting Championships, has made the announcement that he is free to pursue other opportunities. When fans saw his name crop up on the official website of the UFC, they went crazy in the expectation that ‘Venom’ would be signed to the largest mixed martial arts promotion in the world.

Page was reportedly present at the UFC London event that took place tonight at the O2 Arena, further lending credence to the rumors. The top brass of the UFC has now revealed that they are interested in acquiring Page, albeit there has not been any signing publicized as of yet. David Shaw, Senior Vice President of International Operations and Content for the UFC, responded as follows to a question about ‘Venom’ posed by reporters at the post-fight media scrum:

“Perhaps it’s because I have no idea. I believe that this is the case. In light of the fact that he is present here. Perhaps he is a free agent at this point. However, this is most certainly a question for Dana. Because the other day we were discussing a lengthy list of people who had moved here and done incredibly well for themselves. Look at Gaethje, Chandler, and a handful of the other individuals that have come over from different promotions that have come over. Adding them into the mix [would be] extremely fascinating, to say the least.”
Take a look at Shaw’s thoughts down below:

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Dave Shaw wanted to know whether the UFC is considering making an offer for MVP.

In addition to Michael Venom Page, the names of several other Bellator stars, including the Pitbull brothers and AJ McKee, have lately been found on the website of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Michael Venom Page claims there is a ‘lot going on’ at Bellator

Since quite some time ago, rumors have been circulating regarding the possibility of PFL becoming involved in the sale of Bellator. It came as something of a surprise to Michael Venom Page that his contract had been terminated when he found out about it among such disturbing circumstances.

According to “MVP,” Bellator did not provide any previous intimation that the contract would be expiring, which is uncharacteristic given the company that is owned by Scott Coker. Page is under the impression that Bellator may have neglected to properly honor his contract, which may be related to the possibility that the firm would be sold. Recent comments made by Michael Venom Page on The MMA Hour include the following:

“[Bellator officials] are typically a lot more perceptive on that, and even in most cases when there are still a few fights left, they are already talking about what the progression is. Therefore, I believe that there is a lot going on behind the scenes with their future transfer as well as new owners and several other things like that. So, yeah, I definitely get the impression that they may have missed something there, but I believe that everything takes place for a reason in my perspective.

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