The results of Kade Ruotolo vs. Tommy Langaker at ONE Fight Night 11 are as follows:

In his second attempt to defend his ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling World Title, ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling World Champion Kade Ruotolo faced the fearless Tommy Langaker in the co-main event of ONE Fight Night 11: Eersel vs. Menshikov, which was streamed live on Prime Video on Friday. Kade Ruotolo was put to the test like never before.

After the customary slap-bump, the action started picking up right away inside Lumpinee Stadium as the IBJJF world champions worked for heavy pummels and under hooks.

In the brief moment when Kade Ruotolo was standing on one leg, Tommy Langaker deftly removed his own leg to ensure that it remained upright. At the 8:48 mark, the standout for Atos was successful in bringing the battle to the ground by executing a great fake out that led directly into an outside trip.

However, Langaker bypassed his patented K-Guard and instead attempted a Matrix back take, which he executed well in order to pose a threat to the champion. The Norwegian grappler got a firm hold on a heel hook, but Ruotolo continued to roll away in order to relieve pressure near the ring ropes.

The referee, Vitor Shaolin, acknowledged that it was a valid attempt at a submission, and he gave Langaker a 1-0 lead in the scorecards.

Ruotolo was able to get into half guard position after using Langaker’s own weapon and threatening a back take. Langaker was unable to prevent the escape.

The 20-year-old sensation exerted an unrelenting amount of pressure when passing, but Langaker’s tough guard played up to his reputation and was able to stop all of his passes. At about the six-minute mark, they took turns using their heel hooks, but none of them was able to secure a catch.

The challenger assumed an aggressive stance and sought to pass using a move that is characteristic of the Ruotolo style by stepping on the opponent’s leg. However, Langaker was prepared for the move and demonstrated an incredible amount of flexibility to maintain his guard.

At the three-minute mark, the youngest ADCC world champion grabbed one of Langaker’s legs and locked in a straight Achilles lock to equal the score at one genuine submission apiece.

As Ruotolo continued his grueling pace, Langaker gritted his teeth in frustration. As Ruotolo attempted to bring the challenger’s knee past his hip line, they found themselves in another position where they were equally matched.

In the latter moments of the high-stakes competition, Ruotolo attempted both a straight armbar and another Achilles lock, but he was unable to successfully synchronize either one before the contest was called off. His activity, on the other hand, earned him a narrow victory, which allowed him to maintain his belt and his perfect 4-0 record within the Circle.

The final outcome is that Kade Ruotolo won the ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling World Title by defeating Tommy Langaker and retaining his title via a unanimous decision.

After the hard-fought victory, Kade Ruotolo shared with Mitch Chilson his goals for the future, which are as follows:

“Whoever, in all honesty, desires it. To tell you the truth, my sights are set on mixed martial arts (MMA). I’ve been training in MMA since it’s something that’s incredibly close to my heart.

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