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The question of whether or not Ian Garry will be permitted to return to Kill Cliff FC following UFC 296 is discussed by Vicente Luque.


An individual who is a member of Kill Cliff FC and Vicente Luque, who is the Irishman’s next opponent, has stated that the possibility of Ian Garry returning to the club is currently unknown.

The fighter known as “The Future” has adopted a nomadic training style in the year 2023 and is presently getting ready for his fight at Chute Boxe Diego Lima in Brazil, which is part of the UFC 296 event. At the beginning of the year 2021, Garry started his training at Kill Cliff FC; however, Luque claims that he has not been present at the gym this year.

Garry has been in the news over the past few months as a result of the request that he not return to Team Renegade MMA, which is the organization that Leon Edwards calls home. The Irishman’s lack of proper gym etiquette was mentioned as the basis for the defeat by the welterweight champion.

When ‘The Silent Assassin’ was being interviewed by Middle Easy in advance of Ian Garry’s fight against Vicente Luque at UFC 296 the following weekend, the question was posed to him as to whether or not the former Kill Cliff FC member will be permitted to return to the gym after their fight. An answer from Luque:

“I am aware that [Henri Hooft] has a great deal of respect for [Garry] as a boxer… It is obvious that the situation is currently problematic because he made the decision to train in a different location and continue doing what he is doing. That is difficult to say… I believe that someday, if Ian wants to rejoin the squad, it is possible that he will.
Take a look at the comments made by Vicente Luque below (14:05):

The first fight of the main card at UFC 296 is going to be between Ian Garry and Vicente Luque. The main card is packed with fights.

Ian Garry’s trash-talk may work against him in Vicente Luque fight, says teammate of both fighters

Gilbert Burns, who has been a member of the Kill Cliff FC training squad since 2017, recently discussed his thoughts on Ian Garry’s trash language in advance of his match against Vicente Luque.

In a recent post on Instagram, Garry, who is notorious for his aggressive demeanor and propensity to get under the skin of his opponent, made fun of Luque. When ‘The Silent Assassin’ uploaded a picture of himself getting baptized, ‘The Future’ remarked on it by drawing a comparison between himself and God.

As far as Gilbert Burns is concerned, Ian Garry’s strategy might be successful against other adversaries, but it might be counterproductive when it comes to Vicente Luque. A recent interview with MMA Junkie featured the following statement from ‘Durinho’:

The past two weeks have shown that [Luque] is in excellent shape. It appears that he is in excellent shape for this bout. I think a couple of people, anytime a guy trash-talks them a lot, it sometimes puts you out of place a little bit, where you get a little bit furious. This is especially true with regard to the way that Ian is talking a little bit.

He went on to say:

“What the hell is going on, Vicente Luque? He’s been racing on that [nonsense]. He seemed to be getting more and more sharp. For a good reason, he is known as the quiet assassin. He is getting his sustenance from that, you know.

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