The background of Colby Covington allegedly turning down UFC fight offers for more than a year is revealed by Jorge Masvidal.

Since his comeback to the octagon, Colby Covington has been in the news. He stood in as a replacement competitor for Usman vs. Edwards’ UFC 286 welterweight title battle.Covington last competed in the UFC at UFC 272, where he fought Jorge Masvidal, a former teammate and arch-enemy. However, since his previous octagon appearance, “Chaos” has been on the sidelines for nearly a year.During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Masvidal discussed the 35-year-old’s almost a year-long absence from the fighting scene. Masvidal said that Covington had been turning down UFC fight offers for more than a year due to a reportedly Masvidal-caused brain injury:

“Colby, you know, was saying he had a brain injury. He apparently suffered a brain injury as a result of me, you know. So, listening to all this nonsense dude was entertaining. He was merely attempting to sue me up there, you know. saying a variety of thingsā€¦ This man is insane, bro. He constantly says one thing while acting quite differently.
The boxer, who is based in Miami, rejected Covington’s allegations as false and merely an attempt to sue him, adding:

What went wrong between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington?

In a recent episode of the JRE podcast, Jorge Masvidal discussed his difficult relationship with Colby Covington and claimed that the latter revealed his actual self in exchange for money.

The man, 38, said:

“I essentially fed this guy for a year, let him sleep on my couch, and gave him a dollar since he had a broken hand and no employment. He is aware of my bond with my children, so if you’re attempting to use that against me, you are a piece of sh*t.

The UFC community is aware of the rivalry between the two competitors, who frequently spar incendiary remarks both inside and outside the octagon. At UFC 272, Colby Covington won by unanimous decision in their first encounter.

The two also engaged in a street brawl in Miami, Florida, a few days after their altercation. Masvidal was detained and accused with serious assault on “Chaos.”Masvidal, despite being associated with scandal, is getting ready for his upcoming fight at UFC 287 against former welterweight title challenger Gilbert Burns. Masvidal is ranked No. 11 in the 170-pound division, while Burns presently holds the No. 5 spot.

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