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The number of times that Sean O’Malley struck Kris Moutinho is unknown. A look back at the fight that took place at UFC 264


It is generally agreed upon that the fight between rising superstar Sean O’Malley and Kris Moutinho is one of the most memorable moments in ‘Suga’s extensive career.

It was in July of 2021 when the two athletes faced each other. The main event of UFC 264 featured a bantamweight brawl between the two fighters. The main event was a trilogy fight between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier, which was the primary attraction. During the occasion, Moutinho made his first appearance in the promotion. The bout was a one-sided affair for the most part, with O’Malley outclassing his opponent for the most of the fight and causing him significant damage.

Due to the fact that Moutinho was a significant underdog, he demonstrated his tenacity by taking a significant number of those powerful blows. The fight was stopped in the third round, and ‘Suga’ was declared the winner by technical knockout. However, in the end, the cumulative damage proved to be too much for the fighters to handle.

After a total of 318 important blows, O’Malley was able to land 230 of them, with an accuracy rate of 72%. 177 of those blows were delivered to the head, while the other blows were delivered to the body and the legs. As a response, the 31-year-old was only able to land 70 strong blows with a 32% accuracy rate, and 39 of those blows were directed at the head.

In addition to receiving a bonus check in the amount of $75,000 apiece, the fight was recognized as the “Fight of the Night” and received the designation.

How did Kris Moutinho’s career fare after the Sean O’Malley fight?

The fight between Kris Moutinho and Guido Cannetti took place at UFC Fight Night 203 in March 2022. This came after Moutinho had suffered a defeat at the hands of Sean O’Malley at UFC 264. In the first round of the bout, the 31-year-old fighter was knocked out, which was a disappointing outcome for him. The night did not go well for him.

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After the bout, the native of Massachusetts decided to split ways with the promotion that was worth several billions of dollars. It was then in March of 2023, one year later, that he was observed in action. Within the confines of Combat Zone 79, he faced off against Antonio Catillo Jr. On that particular evening, Moutinho was able to recover and went on to win the fight via submission in the second round.

During the subsequent bout, which took place in June 2023, the former UFC fighter faced off against Matheus Silva at CES MMA 74. On that particular evening, Moutinho demonstrated that he was the superior fighter by achieving a knockout victory in the second round.

The last time anyone saw Moutinho in action was in November of 2023. At Combat Zone 82, he faced off against Jay Pessly and submitted him with a guillotine choke in the first round of their fight.

The 31-year-old fighter is now riding a three-fight win streak in his mixed martial arts career as a result of this.

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