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The now-famous astonished face that Ciryl Gane had inside the cage when Jon Jones submitted is explained by Ciryl Gane as “It’s a nightmare!”


At UFC 285, which took place in March, Ciryl Gane posed a challenge to Jon Jones for the heavyweight championship, which had been uncontested since Francis Ngannou had vacated the belt. Given that Gane had previously been defeated by Ngannou in the grappling department, many people anticipated that he would do similarly or perhaps worse against an exceptional grappler like ‘Bones.’

On the other hand, none predicted the level of dominance that Jones would demonstrate in easily dispatching ‘Bon Gamin’ in a short amount of time. Jones was able to effectively take down the Frenchman on his very first try after spending the first minute evaluating his range and assessing the situation. It took ‘Bones’ only a little over two minutes to lock in a guillotine chokehold and compel Gane to tap out as he slouched helplessly in the corner of the cage, obviously unable to respond to what was happening.

Expansion of a Tweet

Expansion of a Tweet
In a recent interview, Ciryl Gane discussed the famed expression of confusion that was shown on his face following his loss to Jon Jones at UFC 285. The show ‘Bon Gamin’ addressed it in all candor as being precisely what it was: a shock that had the feel of a nightmare. The 33-year-old fighter shared the following with the UFC broadcaster John Gooden:

“It gave me a lot of joy to be able to compete here. And just like that, the time is passed. It was an unfortunate time. It was a very unfortunate period of time. When he did it at this very time, I recall that I was sitting in the cage thinking, “It’s a nightmare!” The truth of the matter is that it is. Right away, Fernand Lopez ran out to catch me and asked, “Brother, hey, how are you doing?”…It’s exactly the same. What are you planning to do? It’s not always right, but sometimes it’s the best option. We have no choice but to get back to the gym.”

Ciryl Gane details the exact mistake that led to his loss against Jon Jones

Because of the effect it had on him, Ciryl Gane has undoubtedly gone over the Jon Jones defeat in his head a number of times. “Bon Gamin” goes so far as to say that he has identified the specific error that he committed that resulted in the takedown and finally the concluding sequence.

The Frenchman stated that he occasionally has problems maintaining distance, which is to be anticipated when competing against a specialist like Jones who is a master of the trade. Gane unleashed a looping left hook despite the advise of his corner in order to compensate for the space between them. However, he ended up on his back on the ground almost immediately after throwing the punch. The 33-year-old disclosed the following to MMA Junkie:

“During the entirety of the camp, Fernand Lopez instructed me to jab and not to use a huge hand once we began training. Simply thrust. And what did I accomplish? A big hand. Huge oversight, and he made the most of the chance.”

Next weekend at UFC Paris, heavyweight contender Ciryl Gane is slated to compete against rising knockout artist Serghei Spivac. The event will take place in Paris.

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