Threatening the media over the altercation between Jorge Masvidal and Kevin Holland

In response to a confrontation between Jorge Masvidal and Kevin Holland, UFC president Dana White has threatened the media.Jorge Masvidal and Kevin Holland got into a heated argument before UFC 287 and had to be separated by security to prevent things from becoming worse. Both Holland and Masvidal were questioned about the same during the pre-fight news conference, but Dana White cut off the questions.Speaking about the fight between Kevin Holland and Jorge Masvidal, the UFC president stated that press inquiries frequently provoke the combatants and cause a commotion backstage. He stated:

Added Dana White:

I get that you want your “fking clicks” or whatever it is you guys want, your “fking moment,” but if you do that, I’ll attack you, you know what I mean? Simply put, it causes a lot of s**t in the hotel and backstage.

Jorge Masvidal vs. Kevin Holland: How did their beef start?

Durwyn Lamb, Kevin Holland’s striking instructor, has provided details of the altercation between Masvidal and Holland prior to UFC 287.

Durwyn Lamb claimed in an interview with InsideFighting that Jorge Masvidal’s altercation with Leon Edwards and an alleged sneak assault on Colby Covington in Miami were the root of Kevin Holland and Kevin Holland’s dispute. Lamb said: “While implying that Holland was a fan of Masvidal prior to his altercations.”

“Kevin actually kind of liked Masvidal before that, but I think what occurred was that [Kevin] didn’t appreciate the sneaky way the Leon [Edwards] situation was handled. Colby Covington’s antics didn’t sit well with [Kevin], and it simply seemed off to him. After exchanging a few messages back and forth online, they came across each other here. Kevin didn’t like the way [Masvidal] was carrying himself or his persona.

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