The match between Kade Ruotolo and Tommy Langaker was one in which he freely acknowledges he did not feel his best.

During their match for the submission grappling world title last Friday, Kade Ruotolo stated that he was not feeling his best. Tommy Langaker was his opponent.

The American superstar competed in the ONE Lightweight Submission Grappling World Championship for the second time during his reign, and he did so with the objective of retaining his championship by winning by submission.

After defeating Matheus Gabriel back in December, Ruotolo bemoaned the fact that he was unable to deliver the highlight finish that his grappling fans had been hoping for in his most recent match. Therefore, he has not been satisfied or pleased with his performance during the past week.

During the post-fight news conference for ONE Fight Night 11, he explained:

“No excuses. Like I said, I didn’t feel like my 100% self out there. I honestly feel like I performed at about half of my capacity, and I absolutely, positively, positively have to come back a little bit stronger, for sure.”
You can see the entire interview down below:

Before he competed in his final two world title battles, Kade Ruotolo had been completing some of the highest-level guys in BJJ over the course of the previous year. Since he became the subject of so much attention due to the intensity of his performances, it is, to tell you the truth, not surprising that he feels as though he has disappointed the audience.

After defeating Micael Galvao in the final of the ADCC No-Gi World Championship in September of 2017, he earned the title of youngest ever ADCC No-Gi World Champion. After that, he went back to ONE and won the inaugural ONE lightweight submission grappling world championship by submitting multiple Sambo world champion Uali Kurzhev. This victory allowed him to claim the title of ONE lightweight submission grappling world champion.

In spite of the fact that Brazilian jiu-jitsu is his primary area of expertise, he is eager to expand his powers even further by participating in mixed martial arts competition.

This self-motivated determination has already resulted in action, as seen by the fact that Kade and Tye are currently receiving striking instruction from Superbon Singha Mawynn in Thailand. The way things are going, it looks like Kade Ruotolo will be able to pull this off before the end of the year.

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