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The legendary fighter from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) discusses the fight he believes Francis Ngannou ought to have and reasons why it is highly unlikely that it will take place.


Chael Sonnen, a legend in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is of the opinion that Francis Ngannou should fight Ryan Bader in the next fight, but he also stated that he does not anticipate this happening.

It was earlier this year that Ngannou made news when he decided to explore free agency rather than sign a new contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). After some time, he signed a historic contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), which not only obligated him to participate in a number of fights but also gave him the opportunity to enter the world of boxing without restriction.

Then, in October, “The Predator” made his first appearance inside the squared circle, where he competed against Tyson Fury and displayed a courageous performance.

Now that the year 2024 is closer than ever, Francis Ngannou is anticipated to make his debut in mixed martial arts for the PFL the following year.

A recent historic acquisition of Bellator was successfully completed by the mixed martial arts promotion, which included the provision of new contracts to the roster. One of the fighters that is listed on the list is Ryan Bader, who is currently the heavyweight champion of Bellator.

In the course of his conversation about Ngannou’s future on The MMA Hour, Chael Sonnen expressed his opinion that a fight between Bader and Ngannou would make perfect sense. According to “The Bad Guy,” however, he has stated that he did not anticipate that it would occur. It was him who said:

“The fight between Francis and Bader is the most obvious one. When I say that anything is clear, I am referring to everything that is considered from the perspective of the PFL’s “who are we?” view. It would appear that that battle is so improbable that even Bader is not discussing it. This implies that it is extremely doubtful. The reason why nobody is talking about it is because we are all aware that it is not going to exist…In my opinion, that is a very apparent one.

Kamaru Usman gives his take on Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury scorecards

A disputed scorecard between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury has been analyzed by Kamaru Usman, who has provided his perspective on the matter.

Back in October, Ngannou made his debut in the sport of boxing against Fury. Despite the fact that most people believed that “The Predator” had a very small chance of winning, he surprised the entire world by fighting toe-to-toe with “The Gypsy King” throughout all ten rounds, even knocking him out in the third round.

In spite of the fact that many people believed that Ngannou had successfully pulled off the upset, Fury was awarded the victory in a difficult split decision. During a recent episode of the PBD Podcast, Usman, who was the one who walked Francis Ngannou to the ring, provided his perspective on the decision about the fight.

I have no choice but to be truthful about everything. When it comes to the boxing scoring system that is now in place, it is only natural that they will hand it to Fury…Is it true that this was a fight? If so, who emerged victorious from this conflict? There is no question that Francis Ngannou emerged victorious from the battle.

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