The knockout of the bout by Dmitry Menshikov is broken down by Regian Eersel.

Regian Eersel, the lightweight world champion in Muay Thai and kickboxing, is quick to pounce on any weaknesses that his opponents reveal.

The flaws in Dmitry Menshikov’s armor were visible to ‘The Immortal’ in less than a minute, and he immediately went for the jugular when he saw them.

Last week on Friday, Eersel successfully defended his lightweight Muay Thai title for the second round, destroying the heavy-handed Russian at ONE Fight Night 11 within the legendary halls of Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

After the match, the quick-witted Eersel elaborated to Mitch Chilson on how he was able to record his quickest victory in the Singapore-based promotion:

“I noticed that he was dropping his right hand, so I faked a left knee and threw a left hook, and I was successful in knocking him out.” The first one caused him to experience pain right away.
Eersel is a very dangerous opponent because, in addition to his world-class repertoire, he possesses a very high combat IQ and a profound comprehension of the complexities involved in striking.

It is beyond astonishing to see the Surinamese-Dutch superstar uncover the weaknesses in Menshikov’s game with relative ease after doing a ton of research on Menshikov’s habits. The superstar is of Dutch descent.

Even while Eersel won’t impress you with one-shot knockout power, he will kill everyone in his wake by using measured precision. Menshikov discovered the hard way that each punch the 30-year-old throws is designed to accomplish a certain goal in the fight.

It is common knowledge that feints are an undervalued component of striking, but Eersel demonstrated the effectiveness of trickery by performing that vicious knockout sequence.

After faking a knee to the body lunge and getting the Russian to drop his guard with an accurate left hook while he was on his way out, he grazed the Russian on the forehead with the punch as he was walking away.

Signing into your Amazon Prime Video account will allow you to rewatch ‘The Immortal’s’ 46-second knockout victory over Menshikov. In the United States and Canada, those who have a valid ONE Fight Pass membership are eligible to watch ONE Fight Night 11 at no additional cost.

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