The ‘insane’ kicking strength of Tawanchai left a lasting impression on John Wayne Parr: “There’s something off about this kid.”

John Wayne Parr, a legend in both Muay Thai and kickboxing, has been around the block quite a few times and has witnessed just much all of the most brilliant strikers in the world.

However, ‘The Gunslinger’ confesses that he hasn’t been around somebody who is both as brutally cruel and as technically skilled as Tawanchai PK Saenchai.

On October 6, in the main event of ONE Fight Night 15, which will take place inside Bangkok’s Lumpinee Stadium, the current ONE featherweight Muay Thai world champion will return to defend his throne for a second time.

Another Thai destroyer named Superbon Singha Mawynn, who is hungry to regain 26 pounds of gold, is currently positioned directly opposite from him in the boxing arena.

Despite the fact that both of the Thai warriors in “The Art of Eight Limbs” are extraordinary in their own right, Parr acknowledges that he was captivated by Tawanchai’s otherworldly abilities.

Tawanchai received high accolades from the Australian striking icon in a recent interview with the promotion based in Singapore:

“His strength is really ridiculous. Seeing him hit the pads in the Singapore hotel was just… I’ve seen a lot of Thais train, and I’ve been in camp for a long time, so seeing him hit the pads in Singapore was just… The truth is that yeah, this kid is definitely not typical. What he possesses is exceedingly uncommon to find in other people.

The fact that Tawanchai was able to earn the endorsement of such a renowned martial artist as John Wayne Parr is unquestionably a significant achievement.

Given the path of excellence he has blazed in ONE Championship, the 24-year-old master is unquestionably deserving of the greatest plaudits that can be bestowed upon him.

The fighter who is the pride of PK Saenchai Gym has won six of his seven battles in the Circle, including two knockout victories by technical knockout in a row.

“JWP” couldn’t believe it when Tawanchai knocked out Jamal Yusupov with a single kick that looked like a laser at ONE Fight Night 7 in February of last year.

Six months later, at ONE Fight Night 13, he delivered another thudding kick to Davit Kiria, which resulted in the arm of his opponent being broken.

Even a former world champion like Superbon won’t be able to endure too many of Tawanchai’s deadly kicks if he figures out where to land them. Tawanchai has to find a place for those kicks.

ONE Fight Night 15 will be shown live on US Primetime, and all those in the United States and Canada who have a Prime Video membership will be able to watch it for free.

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