The influencer Andrew Tate’s training partner has revealed some shocking information about the fighter’s career.

Fans now have a better understanding of Andrew Tate’s fighting prowess thanks to a former training partner of his who sparred with him. This comes after a video highlighting their fight went viral earlier this year, which led to the current situation.

In the year 2022, Tate built a reputation for himself as one of the most influential people on social media in the entire planet. However, before he became successful in the world of social media, ‘Top G’ was an accomplished professional kickboxer who competed in a wide variety of bouts.

In connection with this topic, an American-British kickboxing veteran named Robert Alexandru, who is 36 years old, recently sparred in a boxing match with a TikTok sensation named Robert Alexandru. It is believed that the sparring practice was filmed sometime after Tate was transferred from jail and placed under home arrest a few months ago.

As was mentioned, a video that captured the best moments of their fight went viral. The highlights on the video showed that ‘Top G’ eventually won the match against Robert Alexandru. Nevertheless, there were factions within the combat sports community that maintained that Tate had a difficult time defeating the far more little Alexandru.

Robert Alexandru is shown in a second video clip that has since gone viral in which he elaborates on the events that took place during the aforementioned training session he had with ‘Top G.’ He implied that Tate engaged in combat with him and three other individuals for a total of twelve rounds with no breaks.

Alexandru made the following statement, in which he praised the former kickboxing champion for his fighting ability and expressed his appreciation for him:

Andrew Tate has a height of around 190 centimeters and a weight of about 95 kg. He’s a big guy. In comparison to him, I’m just a small guy. He fought me and three other guys for something like 12 rounds total. He was not allowed any breaks, not even between the rounds. You are free to engage in a direct confrontation with Andrew Tate at any time.”He wasn’t being too tough on me. He was making an effort to put me in a relaxed state. Just because you caught a glimpse of a minute portion of the fight does not mean that what you heard is accurate. During the three rounds that we fought, I got dropped somewhere between seven and eight times. Don’t let that video clip convince you to act foolishly. You’re not retards.”

Andrew Tate earns praise from Tucker Carlson days after their viral interview

In December of 2022, Romanian authorities detained Andrew Tate, his younger brother Tristan Tate, and two individuals who are suspected of being their accomplices. It was believed that they were involved in illegal activities such as the trafficking of people and the formation of an organized crime gang.

After serving their time in jail for three months, the two were released and placed under home arrest. The indictment against the Tate family was handed out in June, and they are currently defending themselves against serious allegations.

Andrew Tate, who is currently serving house arrest, denied all of the charges in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, who is known for his work as a political pundit and media figure in the United States.

Carlson is shown in a video that was then tweeted by the AmeegoNetwork complimenting Tate for being intelligent, fascinating, and for having “a coherent worldview.” Carlson made the following statement when arguing that ‘Top G’ should not be removed off its platform or canceled:

“He’s got a lot of brains. I believe we were there for somewhere around eight hours, and throughout that time, we had a conversation. I was able to locate him, and the ensuing interview turned out to be one of the most incredible experiences of my career. I really mean that.

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