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The game plan that Xiong Jing Nan would use in the special rules striking match is predicted by ‘Wondergirl.’


Nat ‘Wondergirl’ Jaroonsak, who is a phenomenon in the women’s strawweight Muay Thai division of ONE Championship, is about to compete in the most high-profile match of her brief career to this point.

At ONE Fight Night 14: Stamp vs. Ham, the 24-year-old Thai superstar will compete in a special rules striking fight against ‘The Panda’ Xiong Jing Nan, who holds the title of world champion in the women’s strawweight division of mixed martial arts for ONE organization.

On September 29, at primetime in the United States, the event will be televised live from the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore. On September 30, during primetime in Asia, the event will take place.

In a recent interview with ONE Championship, Jaroonsak stated that she has no idea how ‘The Panda’ would come into this battle in light of the revolutionary new rule set. Jaroonsak was referring to the new rules for the bout.

“Wondergirl” has this to say:

Due to the fact that this bout is not for the championship title, I do not know how she will approach it. This is a battle with some unusual stipulations. Therefore, it’s possible that she’ll try to score by going forward, being aggressive, or simply playing it safe.

Jaroonsak and Xiong will compete in the historic first-ever special rules striking battle held by ONE Championship. The event will consist of three rounds, each lasting three minutes.

All punching methods are fair game for athletes to utilize during competition. However, you are not allowed to use any kind of grappling, kicks, elbows, or knees. The bout will be fought using MMA gloves weighing 4 ounces each, and the must-win scoring system will be used to determine the winner.

In all other respects, it is basically a boxing battle with lightweight gloves.

Jaroonsak, a natural Muay Thai fighter, will be at a projected technique disadvantage against Xiong, who was a former boxer in China before joining ONE Championship. Jaroonsak’s opponent, Xiong, competed in boxing in China before joining ONE Championship. Despite this, ‘Wondergirl’ will have a minor height and reach edge over her opponent.

Amazon Prime Video will broadcast all of the action live and for no additional cost to customers in the United States and Canada.

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda MMA for all the breaking news and the most recent information regarding the event as it takes place.

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