The following statement from Nieky Holzken sheds light on life after retirement: “I already started with it.”

Nieky Holzken, despite having achieved a great deal of success throughout his storied career, remains driven to continue practicing, making improvements, and competing.

Even though he has already made a comfortable life for himself and his family and considers himself blessed with everything that he has built, the fire that burns within of him is brighter than it has ever been.

The Dutchman will be making his return to the Circle on Friday, June 9, for ONE Fight Night 11, where he will be competing in search of victory number 95.

“The Natural” is still attempting to challenge himself each day as he prepares for his first bout in almost a year, which will be against Arian Sadikovic. However, this does not imply that he does not have one eye on his life outside of competing.

Nieky Holzken disclosed in an interview with ONE Championship that he has been preparing for the day when he will retire from the highest level of kickboxing. Despite the fact that he has no immediate plans to do so, Nieky Holzken has been making preparations for the day when he will make that decision.

Holzken said:

“I have already begun working on it. I own my own gym, which is home to a couple hundred students and competitors, including A-class fighters, B-class fighters, and men who compete for world and european titles. Therefore, I already have the foundation for when I decide to retire from kickboxing.

It would appear that he has no plans to remove the straps from the gloves that he wears any time in the near future. However, in the event that he does choose to bring an end to his illustrious career, the groundwork that he has established will allow him to make a smooth transition into the subsequent stage of his professional life.

For spectators in North America who have a subscription to Amazon Prime, ONE Fight Night 11 will stream live and completely free of charge.

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