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The fans respond as Conor McGregor makes a hint that he is unlikely to battle Michael Chandler in the next fight. “I’m worried about Chandler’s mental health,” McGregor says.


Fight fans have become enraged as a result of a recent social media statement made by Conor McGregor, which appeared to imply that he would be reluctant to compete against Michael Chandler.

In the beginning of this year, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced that the former Bellator lightweight champion (three times) will be McGregor’s opponent for his long-awaited return. There were even rumors that the two might compete against one other in the UFC 300 event.

On the other hand, there have been a number of questions raised about the matchup quite recently. Recently, in a post on X, ‘The Notorious’ made a humorous suggestion that Renato Moicano could be ‘Iron’s’ opponent for the next UFC 300 event.

It goes without saying that fans had a lot to say about the statements that McGregor made, which prompted many of them to resort to social media to share their thoughts and ideas.

Look at some of the responses from fans down below:

According to @MonricOW,

“I’m worried about Chandler’s mental health reading these tweets.”
The hypothesis of @wealth_turtle was:

“McGregor is afraid to fight again.”
Chandler received some criticism from @Gamechanger0510, who stated:

Shouldn’t he be aware that you only compete in Superfights, Conor? As for those, it takes two superstars, not just one. 😂.
According to what @BonnieParkerZeD had to say:

“Give Chandler his payday bro, he’s been begging for that. 💰 🤣🤣”
According to @bloodlotus_mt:

“You’re going to make Mike cry and beg for red panty night. 🤣”
As said by @martin_grobler:

Oh, no, man. When you fight, we want to see it. Perhaps you will be subjected to another kick to the butt. 😉 Everyone on the planet is eager to witness it.

a suggestion made by GabrielBittar7:

“How about we do Ireland x Brazil 2, Charles Oliveira is Brazil’s hero now and I think this would be the most fun fight to do.”

Conor McGregor’s inventive idea to avoid retirement

Due to the fact that his long-awaited return to the UFC has been plagued by a number of setbacks, many people are of the opinion that Conor McGregor may never return to the cage again. However, the Irishman claims that he will never give up on the sport he loves so much.

During an interview with Mail Sport Boxing, the former champion of two divisions stated that he would re-calibrate his opponents, but that he would never retire from the sport:

“There is no doubt that it is difficult to leave… Never in my life will I leave this place. Simply said, I’m going to adjust the parameters of my competition… When it comes to jiu-jitsu and martial arts competitions, there are several different divisions: a youth division, a junior division, a senior division, and a master’s division. Each of these divisions has separate rules and regulations. In other words, you readjust the competition.
He went on to say:

“If I’m on a walking stick, I’m going to be finding out who’s the best fr, who’s the second mother fr with a walking stick out there, and me and him are going to fight.”

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