The Dagestani UFC combatant objects to the word “Russia” appearing on his name card.

Some of the most dominant UFC competitors in recent years have come from Dagestan. There are some of the most fierce MMA fighters in the world today in this area, which is a part of Russia’s North Caucasian Federal District.
UFC competitors are extremely proud to promote their country. Muhammad Mokaev, a rising flyweight contender, would rather serve Dagestan than Russia.

When Mokaev was 12 years old, his mother passed away tragically, and he escaped to the UK because his father had political issues with the nation. He and his father were placed in a refugee camp after reaching Liverpool and were allowed just $5 per day to survive.

Muhammad Mokaev posted a photo of his UFC 286 fighter name card with the following caption:

“This is not my style! Simply keep Dagestan for me until my subsequent walkout.

Many fight supporters were taken aback by the tweet and contacted Muhammad Mokaev for clarification. Chael Sonnen, a former middleweight challenger, added his voice by writing:

“Explain. Even though I am conscious of your viewpoint, I believe you should still explain it. Many would find it to be intriguing.Mokaev went into more detail about his motivations for not wanting to represent Russia. The Dagestani reaffirmed the views of others who assert that the Russian government has long repressed the construction of new churches. Some in power assert that migratory workers are seeking shelter in mosques:

“I’ve heard numerous comments about how Russians are opposed to Muslims who want to build mosques in Moscow! For me, that was sufficient. I can affirm that the nation in which I currently reside has never publicly opposed mosques.

UFC fighter Muhammad Mokaev calls out former title challenger

One of the UFC’s most exciting competitors is Muhammad Mokaev. According to a recent post by Mokaev, “The Punisher,” who has a record of 10-0-1NC, plans to take on Alex Perez next.The amount of postponed fights Perez has had throughout his career was highlighted by Mokaev on Twitter, and the Russian expressed surprise that the American is currently ranked sixth in the flyweight division.

On Twitter, Mokaev challenged Perez, saying he could hasten his retirement:”This individual is rated sixth in my division. Alex Perez, I’m confident this isn’t normal. Please let me know when you plan to retire so I can dismiss you quickly.

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