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The comparison that Ian Garry made between himself and God is seen “disrespectful” by Vicente Luque prior to their confrontation.


A fight between two former colleagues, Ian Garry and Vicente Luque, is scheduled to take place at UFC 296 the following weekend.

After it was initially reported that they would be fighting one other, the two individuals engaged in a friendly conversation about their approaching bout. On the other hand, the Irishman altered his mind a few weeks ago when he made fun of “The Silent Assassin” on the internet.

In anticipation of the pay-per-view card that will be released in December, Luque posted a picture of himself being baptized on Instagram. A bold comparison of himself to God was made by Garry in the comment section of the piece, where he took that opportunity.

A recent interview with Middle Easy provided the Brazilian with the opportunity to discuss his opinion on the jibe that Ian Garry had made. It is well known that Vicente Luque is known for doing his talking inside the octagon. He expressed his disgust with the Irishman by saying the following:

When it comes to certain things, we consider them to be disrespectful. The comment that he made on my Instagram account was probably not appreciated by a good number of the players that play for Kill Cliff FC. It was my own opinion that that was a disrespectful act. In spite of the fact that I am not going to take it personally, I did get the feeling that I was engaged in something that was quite significant to me. It was something that I posted about, and he decided to make a joke out of it.
Take a look at the comments made by Vicente Luque below (13:18):

At UFC 296, which will take place the following weekend, Ian Garry and Vicente Luque will put the finishing touches on a fantastic main card. This will be the promotion’s last pay-per-view card of 2023.

Ian Garry’s trash-talk may blow up in his face against Vicente Luque, says teammate of both fighters

The year 2017 marked the beginning of Vicente Luque and Gilbert Burns’ training at Kill Cliff FC, and the two players have developed an extremely close connection. According to statements made by “The Silent Assassin” in the past, Burns is the only member of his team whom he would not consider fighting.

In 2021 and 2022, Ian Garry trained at Kill Cliff FC. This year, he has adopted a more nomadic approach to his training, which has allowed him to train more frequently. Charles Oliveira’s home gym, Chute Boxe Diego Lima, is where he is currently training for UFC 296, which will take place in Brazil.

One of Ian Garry’s most well-known strategies is his use of trash talk, which he employed to a significant degree in his previous fight against Neil Magny. On the other hand, Gilbert Burns, a former teammate, believes that it could ultimately be detrimental to ‘The Future’. Burns acknowledged Garry’s trash talk in front of UFC 296 in a recent interview with MMA Junkie. He said the following about it:

“The way that Ian is talking a little bit, I think a couple of men whenever a man trash-talks them a lot, sometimes it takes you out of place a little bit, where you become a little bit furious. This is something that I think a couple of guys experience. For crying out loud, Vicente Luque, he is racing on that useless nonsense. He seemed to be getting more and more sharp. For a good reason, he is known as the quiet assassin. He gets his sustenance from that.”

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