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The brutal heel hook finish that Sage Northcutt delivered to Ahmed Mujtaba was described by Northcutt as “it just kind of opened up.”


At ONE 165, Sage Northcutt will make his comeback to the ring in an effort to maintain the great momentum that he demonstrated during his previous bout inside the ring.

In his long-awaited return, ‘Super’ Sage made his appearance at ONE Fight Night 10, where he also provided answers to a great deal of questions with his performance.

If there was anyone who had reservations about whether or not he would be able to compete as well as he used to or whether or not he would be any better than he was in the past, those doubts were put to rest.

Not only did he announce his return in May of last year, but he also demonstrated that he had been working on his talents during his extended layoff by achieving a submission victory over Ahmed Mujtaba in less than a minute from the beginning of the fight.

In an interview that was conducted by ESPN not too long ago, Northcutt stated that he did not intend to win the fight by submission, but that he did intend to put his opponent away:

“No, very much not at all,” she said. You should know that I am always looking for a way to end any fight that I go out there for. Consequently, I am looking forward to winning, and I am looking forward to concluding my opponent. Nevertheless, it just kind of opened up on its own as we were fighting, and I took advantage of the opportunity to do so. Consequently, I was not aiming to make a statement through that particular submission; rather, I was looking to make a statement through a completion.

The grappling game of Sage Northcutt will be put to the test at ONE 165

If you were to think about the skills that Sage Northcutt brings to the table, grappling would probably be the very last thing that comes to mind.

Despite this, ‘Super’ Sage shown that he has been striving to improve this aspect of the game with his most recent performance. This is done in order to ensure that he is not simply recognized as a dangerous striker.

At ONE 165, which will take place on January 28, he will face a grappling specialist who is famous all over the world and is held in the highest regard. This will be a demonstration of his abilities.

The pioneer Shinya Aoki, who is forty years old, is always going to be a threat once the battle hits the floor, and there is no doubt that he will want to test the grappling advances of his opponent when they meet at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan.

On the 28th of January, ONE 165 will be broadcast live on watch.onefc.com through the global pay-per-view service.

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