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Tammi Musumeci attributes her success in ONE as well as IBJJF No-Gi Worlds 2023 to her brother Mikey Musumeci, saying, “It’s always been the two of us from the beginning.”


Tammi Musumeci is making steady progress in her jiu-jitsu career, and she is thankful that she is able to do so alongside her brother Mikey Musumeci, who is a champion in the sport.

At the World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship 2023, which took place in Las Vegas, the veteran grappling competitor, who is 29 years old, just won her sixth black belt gold medal.

The moment was one of great pride for her, and she shared it with his younger brother, Mikey, who is currently the reigning world champion in the flyweight division of submission grappling for ONE Championship.

When asked about her triumph at the IBJJF Worlds, Tammi Musumeci gave the following statement to Flograppling in an interview:

We’ve been on teams and other things, but it’s always been the two of us, and I’m extremely happy of what we’ve accomplished together. My brother and I have been on teams and other things.

This year was a memorable one for Tammi Musumeci, as she also made her debut at ONE Championship and has won back-to-back matches since then. The victory at the Worlds contributed to the overall success of this year.

During her promotional debut in March, the full-time attorney prevailed over Brazilian Bianca Basilio, achieving victory with a unanimous decision. In the victory she achieved over the Ecuadorian-American Amanda Alequin, which occurred four months later, she followed a similar strategy.

Tammi Musumeci defeats Jessa Khan at IBJJF finals

At the World IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship 2023, which took place in Las Vegas earlier this month, Tammi Musumeci triumphed over Jessa Khan, a fellow ONE competitor, to earn her sixth black belt gold medal.

The final was won by her with a score of 26-6 thanks to her excellent passing and control. Ahead of it, she had won both of her first two battles by submission completely.

In September, Khan competed for the first ever ONE World Championship in the sport of submission grappling at the strawweight division. However, she was unsuccessful and ultimately lost to Danielle Kelly by a unanimous decision.

In light of the fact that she has a perfect record in ONE Championship up to this point, Tammi Musumeci is now considering a championship shot contest versus Kelly.

Her brother Mikey Musumeci is completely on board with this idea, as seen by the following post on his Instagram account:

She has a perfect record against Danielle and a perfect record in the One championship. Danielle is incredible, and it’s just about time that they compete against each other once more!!! The battle between Tammi and Danielle for the one belt! Let’s make this potential match a reality!!!

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