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Superbon has stated that a rematch for the world title is extremely important to him.


Going into ONE Fight Night 11, Superbon Singha Mawynn had only one goal in mind, and that was to have his hand raised and secure a rematch for the world championship.

The Thai star has been working hard to reclaim his former glory ever since he was defeated by Chingiz Allazov in the early stages of this year’s ONE featherweight kickboxing world championship tournament.

On June 9, he secured the perfect rebound victory by stopping Tayfun Ozcan in the second round with a highlight-reel head kick knockout that proved the former kingpin is still just as dangerous as he was before. This knockout demonstrated that the former kingpin is still just as dangerous as he was before.

The former pound-for-pound number one is currently patiently waiting in the wings for ONE Fight Night 13, which is where his formerly held title will be defended by Chingiz Allazov when he fights Marat Grigorian in a rematch. The bout will take place in a rematch between the two fighters.

At the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, Superbon delivered another vintage performance that the fans have come to expect from him. This performance demonstrated that he is not even close to being finished yet and earned him a performance bonus for his display.

During the post-match interview that took place after the event, the former champion of that division expressed his gratitude for everyone’s support but also reminded everyone that there is only one thing that he wants:

“Yes. Thank you. I am appreciative of the bonus. Thank you very much for the bonus, but I would appreciate it much more if you could offer me the chance to compete against you again.

Below is the whole press conference that was held following the fight:

Viewers in North America have the opportunity to see the entirety of the ONE Fight Night 11 card through replay on Amazon Prime Video.

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