“Suddenly I have a cut too” – Female UFC fighter surprises spectators by stepping in as a cutwoman at the last minute

Diana Belbita, a contender for the women’s strawweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, astonished everyone when she stepped in as a cutwoman at the last minute for the Unified MMA 51 event that took place in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Diana Belbita was observed working as a cutwoman for the event, where she attended to featherweight contender Vladimir Kazbekov and Eric Shelton, one of the boxers competing in the bantamweight main event. The cageside color commentators for the event pointed out that Belbita initially attended the event as a fan, but when the unexpected requirement for a cutperson emerged, ‘The Warrior Princess’ quickly stepped into the role. This represented a significant departure from her typical experience as a last-minute replacement.

The strawweight contender for the Ultimate Fighting Championship shared some peeks of it on Twitter with the caption:

“CutWoman for the folks over at @unifiedmma. Watch the first video in the series to learn more about the plot.
Take a look at the following tweet:

Diana Belbiță
Diana Belbiță @DianaBelbita CutWoman for @unifiedmma 🇨🇦
Watch the first video in the series to learn more about the plot. twitter.com/i/web/status/1… 315 18
Fight fans, needless to say, responded in hilarious fashion to the post, with one fan writing: “I can’t stop laughing.”

“All of a sudden, I slit my finger as well.”
You may follow me on Twitter at @TobyS, @TobyStup, @DianaBelbita, @unifiedmma, and @Showtime1mma. Now all of a sudden I have a break to

Another supporter wrote in:

“If this were a real story, as soon as I realized you were my cut woman, I’d figure out a way to let my opponent know that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and that I need him to throw elbows at me until he cuts me open good!!”

Diana Belbita reveals she was praying to be the first fight on the UFC 289 card (Exclusive)

Diana Belbita has just discussed her victory against Maria Oliveira at UFC 289, which she earned through unanimous decision. Belbita emphasized, while speaking in an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda MMA, her desire to compete in the opening fight on the card so that she may support her colleagues later in the night.

According to the UFC strawweight, she enjoys getting into the cage to battle herself, but says that watching her teammates compete puts her under a different kind of pressure:

“If I’m being completely honest, I was praying that I wouldn’t have to fight until the very beginning of the card because I’m so anxious for my colleagues…I worry more about my teammates than I do about myself when we get into a cage because I like the challenge of it…It’s strange, but if one of my teammates gets into a fight, I’m not participating and I can’t offer any assistance to them. So I was getting ready to be the first battle of the night, so that thereafter I could watch the other fights without feeling any pressure.

She continued by saying this in reference to the success of Canadian mixed martial arts athletes at the UFC 289 event:

“Even during my fight, I was aware of the electricity that was surrounding the cage, the energy that was coming from the audience. I had the impression that when I went on top, at one time I was on my back…and then when I got on top, I heard the audience vibe, the energy, and they were yelling, and that’s when I realized that they are genuinely supporting me.

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