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Stipe Miocic explains why booking a bout with Jon Jones became a “pain in the a**” by saying that people don’t understand why it was so difficult.


It is expected that Jon Jones will make his first defense of his heavyweight title against Stipe Miocic, who is widely regarded as the greatest heavyweight of all time.

In a fight that has been eagerly anticipated by fans, the two combatants will finally meet at UFC 295, which will take place in Madison Square Garden later this year.

After taking a break from the sport for the previous three years, ‘Bones’ competed against Ciryl Gane at UFC 285. Jones became the first fighter to win titles in two different divisions after defeating his opponent in the opening round via submission.

After Jon Jones won via submission over Gane, rumors began to circulate that he and Stipe Miocic would fight each other at UFC 290. Both men gave the impression that they were certain that the fight would take place in July. However, as a result of a stalemate in the discussions, the procedures had to be postponed; the fight between the two will now take place at UFC 295.

In preparation for his fight with Jones, Miocic recently discussed the bout with Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith. Smith inquired as to whether or not the bout’s organization was a “pain in the a**,” and the former champion gave the following response to Smith’s inquiry:

“Ohhhh there were such beautiful times… Off camera, we’ll discuss about… When [the UFC] questioned me about it for the first time, I responded, “Not right now, I can’t.” I said that I could complete it in a few weeks, but they declined my offer. There were also some other issues. People don’t realize that there are a lot of other factors at play besides the fact that I’m not wanting to fight…”

Watch the interview starting at 1 minute and 10 seconds:

Stipe Miocic currently has the record for the most heavyweight championship defenses in the history of the UFC, and Jon Jones has acknowledged Miocic as the heavyweight Greatest of All Time (GOAT).

Stipe Miocic previews Jon Jones as an opponent ahead of UFC 295

The anticipated fight between Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones will take place at UFC 295 on November 11, and it should be an incredible showdown.

While Miocic and Jones both have experience wrestling in college, Miocic also has a background in boxing and has competed in the Golden Gloves tournament. Jones has only wrestled in high school. This fight between ‘Bones’ and the previous champion could be difficult for ‘Bones’ because the former champion possesses high-level striking ability.

Miocic provided his assessment of Jones’s capabilities in a recent interview with Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith, conducted in advance of their fight at UFC 295. He remarked that the champion’s unconventional personality was one of his most powerful assets. He said:

“Ah, I believe he’s simply really skilled at just tossing strange things. I’m talking about completely “out there” ideas that have been proven to be effective. I’m not like that.One might characterize me as a simple b***h – I am more of a one-two, one-two kick type of person. I’m simple. He poses a significant threat in any environment. Because he acts in ways that are counter to what you may anticipate, I have to be ready for everything.

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