Stephen Loman explains why John Lineker is helpless against his fighting technique by saying the following: “We have a good capacity for taking shots”

Stephen Loman anticipates that his ONE Fight Night 14 opponent, John Lineker, will have a difficult time adapting to his fighting style.

The two top-ranked bantamweight contenders are going to square off in a fight that is sure to be a barnburner for the opportunity to be the next man in line for a fight against the kingpin of the division, Fabricio Andrade.

Loman provided the promotion with specifics on how he plans to counter the feared knockout power of the former champion before to his return on September 29 at Singapore Indoor Stadium. In his remarks, Loman outlined the following strategies:

“As long as we keep our guard tight and are able to take shots properly, our style, which focuses heavily on movement, is an efficient approach to strike. Our style relies heavily on movement. If I am successful in doing that, then I will have a style that is effective against Lineker.
At 145 pounds, Stephen Loman is without a doubt one of the competitors who offers the greatest variety and intrigue.

We are aware that ‘The Sniper’ does have the ability to give Lineker a run for his money because he is currently on a winning streak of 11 fights, including a perfect 3-0 run while competing under the ONE banner.

For instance, the superstar from Team Lakay was able to block Yusup Saadulaev and Shoko Sato’s most powerful blows while simultaneously unleashing devastating strikes of his own.

Although it is commonly known that ‘Hands of Stone’ has the power to terminate a battle, the agile Loman has demonstrated the ability to weave in and out of perilous situations.

In the case that Lineker, who hails from Baguio and is now 28 years old, decides to rely on his underappreciated grappling, the native of Baguio’s wrestling and jiu-jitsu talents have caught up with his striking ability.

For example, Loman astonished the world last year when he defeated Bibiano Fernandes, the previous bantamweight king, at ONE on Prime Video 4.

“The Sniper” challenged the BJJ expert right in his comfort zone and proceeded to dominate him on the ground and on his feet for the full 15 minutes of the match.

Is it possible for Loman to achieve the same results against Lineker and add yet another former champion to his increasing list of victims?

On Prime Video, we will learn out when ONE Fight Night 14: Stamp vs. Ham takes place. The whole event will be broadcast live and without charge on US Primetime for Prime Video users located anywhere in North America.

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