Stamp responds to critics who claimed that she would be “a walk in the park” for Ham Seo Hee by saying the following: “It made me prouder after I had won”

Even a global celebrity who is as adored as Stamp Fairtex must contend with a certain amount of naysayers.

The now three-time world champion in a variety of athletic disciplines acknowledged that she was under a great deal of strain in the days preceding up to her fight for the ONE atomweight MMA world title against Ham Seo Hee.

Despite the fact that she received a flood of support from her enormous audience, the Thai star admitted that there were still skeptics who questioned whether or not she was on the same level as the lauded South Korean fighter.

At the ONE Fight Night 14 event that took place over the weekend, it is safe to say that Stamp made everyone eat their words.

Following a spectacular third-round technical knockout victory over the incredibly resilient Ham Seo Hee, the megastar fighter, who is only 25 years old, made history and won the ONE atomweight MMA world championship.

The resilient Stamp made the necessary adjustments, and she got her hand up in the most decisive way conceivable, after being tagged by “Hamzzang” in the second round of competition.

Stamp demonstrated her expertise by doing one of her signature moves, which consisted of smashing Ham’s body with a liver blow from hell that sent her reeling in agony. She finished the job with one more damaging punch to the same location, putting Ham out of commission for good and bringing her one step closer to achieving her lifelong desire.

Relive the remarkable moment that defined Stamp’s career by clicking here:

Stamp clapped back at those who claimed that she would get obliterated by Ham shortly after winning 26 pounds of gold at Singapore Indoor Stadium. These individuals stated that she would lose against Ham.

In her interview with the South China Morning Post following the event, the pride of Fairtex Training Center expressed the following:

“I am aware that a lot of people could consider Ham to have an easy time dealing with me. Before the bout, everyone was saying things like, “Oh Stamp will be a walk in the park for Ham.” You can’t possibly win, can you?’ I’m relieved to hear that everyone has the same idea. After I had prevailed, it made me feel even more pleased of myself.

Listen to the entirety of the interview with Stamp:

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