Stamp broke down barriers to win her third world title, according to Mr. Wong, the creator of Fairtex, who said, “She worked so hard.”

Stamp Fairtex has always had the ability to achieve greatness, but it was her unwavering dedication to her profession that propelled her into a position of power in the contemporary world of martial arts.

The Thai megastar is the only combat athlete in the history of the sport to win world titles in three different disciplines. Her most recent fight, which took place at ONE Fight Night 14, was the one in which she won the hat-trick by knocking out Ham Seo Hee.

Stamp is the only fighter to ever hold ONE world titles in MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. She is also just the second woman to win the ONE women’s atomweight mixed martial arts world championship.

Her local gym, Fairtex Training Center, threw a celebratory meal for her after her historic triumph and invited all of her friends and family.

Mr. Wong, the founder of Fairtex, recounted how Stamp transformed from an ordinary fighter who was looking for her place in the world into an unstoppable force that is just beginning her journey to immortality paved with gold.

Wong shared the following statement in a video that was published on the Instagram account of Fairtex Training Center:

Stamp, when she first arrived, she did not exhibit any signs of having any potential at all. She was merely an average fighter, and I always referred to her as a Muay Wat, which literally translates as “temple fighter.” It’s similar to a no name, no degree situation. Because of the significant progress she has made, I no longer feel comfortable referring to her as Muay Wat. Now that she has put in the effort, she makes use of her brain.
He continued:

“I know that most of you consider the six hours of labor you put in each day to be a significant amount. However, because she has to compete in Muay Thai, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts, she might practice for seven to eight hours on a single day. Even if she sheds tears, she never quits up. That is the reason why she is so successful now.”

When Stamp defeated Rashi Shinde in July 2018, she qualified for the ONE Championship by virtue of her performance in the ONE Warrior Series. After defeating Chuang Kai Ting through unanimous decision in October 2018, she successfully defended her ONE Atomweight Kickboxing World Title and soon rose to become one of the promotion’s most prominent stars.

Just four months after claiming her first world title, the fighter representing Fairtex Gym added the inaugural ONE atomweight Muay Thai world title to her collection by earning a unanimous decision victory over Janet Todd. This was the champion’s first title in this weight class.

Stamp’s transition to mixed martial arts was nothing short of spectacular, despite the fact that she had given up the belts she held in Muay Thai and kickboxing. To firmly establish her position as one of the sport’s elite competitors, she earned a submission victory over the Indian wrestling dynasty Ritu Phogat in 2021 for the ONE Atomweight World Grand Prix Title.

The 25-year-old fighter, who currently has the ONE Women’s Atomweight MMA World crown, has the opportunity to return to her striking roots and compete for her previous world titles now that she holds this crown.

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