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Social internet is scandalised by the pre-fight video between Inked Dory and Karina Pedro.


Inked Dory and Karina Pedro, stars of OnlyFans, participated in the Weird Wars tournament, the fourth in the Clash of the Stars series. On March 11, the function took place at the O2 Universum hall. Prior to fight night, the contestants met for open training sessions and weigh-ins.

MMA fans are outraged by pre-fight video of Inked Dory and Karina Pedro. The pair faced up against influencer, singer, and actress Kristal Shine as well as model Denisa Ryndová in the competition.

During the weigh-ins, Dory and Pedro performed an act that is typically only available to OnlyFans subscribers, shocking the audience in the process. Also, the bout met fans’ expectations and all participants showed off the technical side of their MMA abilities.

Undoubtedly, the Clash of the Stars organisation considered this match to be one of its best of the evening. The two influencers from OnlyFans ultimately won on points after three full rounds of play. The audience watched a huge show and a heated argument.

Despite the fact that the winning pair dominated the bulk of the match, many online argued that Kristal Shine and model Denisa Ryndova had no need to be ashamed of their performance.

Fans could not get over Inked Dory and Pedro’s pre-fight antics, despite that. One supporter simply responded:

Who the hell are these people?
Several fans responded to the popular weigh-ins video by writing:

The period before the “accident” was “demonetized” on YouTube.

“Just before tragedy strikes.”
Another supporter stated:

“This organisation is just a joke, good thing it is CZ, I am ashamed of you,” said the speaker. “To kill everyone who knows about this disaster.”

On Reddit, Fauser wrote:

“This is pure conjecture, but I doubt women who earn a living by advertising their bodies and faces are engaged in real contact sports. A popped ti* will result if they are booted in one of those imants or reduced to their cht. Why would an OF (OnlyFans) model willingly expose their body and face to danger in a combat sport when they are earning their living off of those features? If it is the imants section, Google claims it is roughly 200 lbs. of pressure, which is a lot, but the weight of two people striking a mat in this location may easily be that much weight.

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