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‘Sexyama’ is sent to the nether realm by Nieky Holzken in the first round of ONE 165 based on the results.


The Dutch kickboxing hero known as “The Natural,” Nieky Holzken, and the Japanese mixed martial arts veteran Yoshihiro Akiyama, also known as “Sexyama,” were scheduled to compete in a special rules superfight. However, the fight was abruptly terminated in favor of the world-class striking legend.

Due to the fact that it utilized three distinct rule sets, this combat was truly one of a kind. Under the rules of boxing, the first round was set to take place, and the competitors were permitted to wear boxing shoes. As the shoes were removed, the second round of Muay Thai contest was due to take place. Last but not least, the third round of the classic mixed martial arts rule set was successfully established.

In a disappointing turn of events, it did not last very long because Holzken put an early end to Sexyama’s night by knocking him down twice in the very first round, thereby winning the fight with a spectacular knockout.

It was recorded that the official completion of the first round of boxing occurred at the 1:40 minute mark.

During the beginning of the fight, Akiyama timidly touched gloves with Holzken. This was because the Japanese fighter was tired of the knockout power that the Dutchman possessed. Due to the fact that Holzken was not only a celebrated kickboxing world champion but also had professional boxing experience under his belt, it is quite probable that he felt completely at ease in the environment.

When ‘The Natural’ connected on a left hook that downed the veteran Filipino fighter, who was 48 years old at the time, things started to go in the wrong direction for the Japanese superstar. Despite the fact that Akiyama was on legs that were plainly unstable, he attempted to get back up on his feet in order to beat the 10-count.

As he pounded Akiyama with well-placed blows, Holzken was like a shark in the ocean. He pushed the Japanese fighter against the ropes, forcing him to struggle against the ropes. This is the point at which ‘The Natural’ connected with a powerful right hand that resulted in Akiyama being knocked out for the last time.

As a result of his victory, Holzken not only received a bonus of fifty thousand dollars but also declared his desire to continue competing in ONE Championship’s special rules bouts.

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