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Sean Strickland discusses the UFC’s lack of concern for its athletes.


Sean Strickland, who was in attendance at the media day scrum, talked in his customarily provocative way, comparing UFC fighters to p*rn stars and stating that the job description does not include being taken care of by the employer.

The middleweight is renowned for making snide remarks when given the opportunity to speak on camera. Despite the fact that he isn’t actively giving interviews, it is challenging to locate one in which he doesn’t say anything controversial. The brawler is best renowned for the effort he puts in each time he enters the cage, despite his love of controversy.

Sean Strickland asserted that the UFC treats athletes like “cattle” and that Dana White’s job doesn’t include caring for fighters, despite the fact that he seems unconcerned about it.

“I didn’t know in the business of ‘I’m going to take human beings and make them fight for money,’ if giving a fu** about them was part of the job title. If I’m the CEO of the UFC and I’m like, ‘Hey, what big, scary motherf***ers can we pick to fight each other,’ and afterward, I’m like, ‘But, you know, man, I hope they’re having a good Christmas, I hope life is good for them,’ no, we’re f***ing cattle, dude. Us [fighters] versus p*rn stars, what’s the difference?… I love my job, but I’m not gonna go look in the f***ing mirror and think I’m LeBron James, I’m not. I’m a f***ing prostitute, man.”

Dana White tends to express appreciation for certain of the competitors on the UFC roster, even booking a supper with a chosen handful even though many have fallen into his bad books.
See what Sean Strickland had to say in the video below regarding the promotion of not caring for its fighters:

Sean Strickland roasts the media at his weird and wild media day

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