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Sean O’Malley asked to “be ready” for UFC title fight – “The turd isn’t making up his mind”


On May 6, Aljamain Sterling wants Sean O’Malley to be prepared for a title bout. Although Henry Cejudo is anticipated to be the ‘Funk Master’s’ next opponent for a title defence, it seems the bantamweight champion isn’t sure ‘Triple C’ will actually go through with the fight.

There are rumours that Sterling and Cejudo may square off at UFC 288 in Newark, New Jersey, in May. After quitting the sport in May 2020, the former two-division champion will make a comeback to compete for the bantamweight championship. Yet, many people, including “Sugar,” are irritated by the bout’s lack of clarity.

The UFC 288 pay-per-view event has been formally announced by the promotion, but the headliners have not yet been chosen or confirmed. Sterling recently quoted Sean O’Malley to “be ready” to fill in for “Triple C” and asserted: “Indications are that Cejudo has yet to sign the dotted line.” Sterling further claimed:

“Facts! The turd is having trouble deciding. Be ready my boy. In any case, this is the fight that the crowd truly wanted to watch.”

Longtime rivals Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo recently got into a fight backstage at UFC 285 and had to be separated by security after their verbal sparring got heated. It is unknown if their fight will take place inside the octagon at UFC 288.

Sean O’Malley next fight: ‘Sugar’ threatens to strip Aljamain Sterling of his title

Sean O’Malley is out of time and needs the Aljamain Sterling vs. Henry Cejudo bantamweight title match to be decided as soon as feasible. While his chance at the title was being delayed, “Sugar” posted an ultimatum on Twitter to “Funk Master.”
The American, 28, has previously stated that he was offered the position of backup fighter for the title bout at the bantamweight weight class. O’Malley, however, said he wasn’t a fan of the notion and that he would prepare for the fight and make a decision during fight week.

As the president of the bantamweight division, Sean O’Malley recently threatened Aljamain Sterling by directly challenging the champion to defend his title against Cejudo: “I demand a contract signed by Aljo by the end of the week or I will strip him from his title and book myself a title match.”
It’s interesting to note that Sean O’Malley has been asked to be ready in case either Aljamain Sterling or Henry Cejudo decides to withdraw.

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