Sage Northcutt has his sights set on winning world championships in a variety of sports.

After a layoff of four years, Sage Northcutt is finally making his long-awaited comeback to fighting at this weekend’s ONE Fight Night 10 event.

Sage was forced to take an extended break from the spotlight owing to injuries that necessitated surgery after his first fight in ONE Championship was over in just 30 seconds. This led Sage to miss a significant amount of time in the public eye.His sabbatical was further extended by a fight with COVID-19, but it will come to an end on May 5 when he takes against Ahmed Mujtaba at the 1stBank Centre in Colorado, which will be completely sold out.

Sage has kept focused on his aims and ambitions throughout an inactive period, and now that he is back, he has the opportunity to start developing towards them within the Circle. Sage is eager to deliver on the enthusiasm that his signing generated in 2019, and he is hoping to do so by delivering on the anticipation that his signing made.

Sage Northcutt stated, during an interview with ESPN MMA, that he is still pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a world champion, with the intention of achieving this accomplishment in a variety of different types of martial arts:Sage Northcutt needs to win at all costs in Colorado in order to finally start gathering up some momentum under the ONE banner. Before he can start to think too much about the future, Sage Northcutt must win at all costs in Colorado.

At ONE Fight Night 10 on May 5, ‘Super’ Sage is scheduled to compete against Ahmed Mujtaba. Viewers in North America will be able to watch the full event live and without charge on Amazon Prime Video.

“My objectives have remained the same. My goal, like that of most other fighters, is to become the world champion. In addition to that, I wish to accomplish this goal in a variety of sports. When I was younger, I trained in both karate and kickboxing. I’m really good at both. I have the impression that competing in kickboxing in the future would be an excellent choice for me.

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