Sage Northcutt claims that he is capable of effortlessly performing hundreds of push-ups in a single session. He says, “I could probably do 400 to 500.”

Even when he was going through challenging times in his career, when it appeared that there was no way out of the situation, Sage Northcutt’s dedication was unquestionable. Her dedication was unwavering.

There were a handful of ailments that caused his recovery date to be repeatedly pushed back, but despite everything that was going on, ‘Super’ Sage maintained his discipline and worked hard to improve his performance on a consistent basis.

All those years ago, when Northcutt made his debut on the international stage and declared himself to be a person to keep an eye on, his physique, which resembled that of a super hero, was a significant part of the appeal. The extraordinary athleticism that Northcutt possesses could not be taken away from him by any amount of time off.

He is now prepared to make another statement when he fights Shinya Aoki at ONE 165. His comeback victory over Ahmed Mujtaba is already in the past, and he is now ready to make another statement.

During an interview with Spinning Backfist, Northcutt was questioned about the boundaries of his athleticism before the battle. The conversation took place before the fight.

He disclosed that if you let him to, he is capable of performing push-ups for the entire day if the conditions are correct. It was him who said:

Oh, it’s so simple. Certainly, a couple hundred hundred. I would be willing to wager that I could probably do between 400 and 500 if I had a good dinner, if I had some ramen or something, and if I had rested without training for the day.

The athleticism of Sage Northcutt will be crucial at ONE 165

Sage Northcutt will be making his return at ONE 165 this weekend, and two of the most significant advantages he will bring with him are his speed and his power.

Shinya Aoki, a pioneer in mixed martial arts and a former world champion in the lightweight division of ONE Championship, is very much more experienced than he is when it comes to competing at the highest level.

During the fight that will take place this coming Sunday at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan, Sage Northcutt will have an advantage over his veteran opponent in terms of the physical traits that he possesses.

In order to get his hand raised for the second time in a row since returning from his four-year break, it will be essential for him to keep the fight standing so that he can look to employ his Karate background and explosiveness.

This next Sunday, January 28, ONE 165 will be broadcast live on as part of a global pay-per-view event.

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