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Sage Northcutt’s ridiculous maximum bench press stats have been REVEALED.


“Super” Sage Northcutt possesses not only one of, but perhaps maybe the greatest physiques in mixed martial arts (MMA) today. However, it took the ONE lightweight star years to achieve the body that many people dream of having.

The native of Texas maintains a lean physique during the offseason as well as during fight camps by putting a significant amount of emphasis on his nutrition, training, and conditioning. The athlete competing for Evolve MMA and Team Alpha Male doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, despite the fact that juggling all three can be difficult at times.

In a recent episode of Fistivities with KB & Renato Laranja, Northcutt was asked by a fan about the heaviest he’s gone on a flat bench press, and the statistics stunned both the hosts and the fans who tuned in to see the stream live. The fan who asked Northcutt about the heaviest he’s gone on a flat bench press was Renato Laranja.

Sage shared the following:

“In all honesty, I like it quite hefty. I believe I have a video of myself lifting somewhere around 405 pounds, which is a lot.”
You can see the entire interview down below:

To give you an idea of the scope of his strength, the maximum amount of weight that a typical gym rat can lift for one repetition is often equal to roughly 85 percent of their body weight.

It is not uncommon for trained power lifters or physique competitors to perform repetitions that are equal to or greater than twice their body weight.

Check out the one-rep max that Northcutt has achieved:

Because Northcutt should be at his natural competition weight of roughly 170 pounds in this video, he should be able to lift about 405 pounds, which is an outstanding performance for an athlete that employs strength and conditioning to supplement the MMA needs he has.

In spite of the fact that he required assistance from his father, Mark, the 27-year-old plainly had no trouble lowering the bar in a controlled manner and locking out the lift at the end of the set.

Sage Northcutt only recently made his return to action after suffering a devastating loss in his first bout for ONE Championship. It took the karate world champion, who has won the title many times, just 39 seconds to close the deal and put his career back on track.

Fans in North America who are excited to see him return in action may watch a replay of the complete ONE Fight Night 10 card on Amazon Prime Video.

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