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Sadly, Khabib is the owner of both of them” – The internet feud between Nina-Marie Daniele and Helen Yee elicits humorous emotional responses from fans


There is little doubt that Nina-Marie Daniele and Helen Yee are two of the most renowned figures in mixed martial arts (MMA) media at the present time. Despite the fact that Yee is widely regarded as one of the most talented journalists and interviewers in the industry, Daniele has carved out a special place for herself by employing an unconventional and one-of-a-kind approach to doing interviews with fighters.

Despite the fact that there was no overt competition between them, the past twenty-four hours have demonstrated that this is not the case. Yee provided a response to a comment made by a troll on X, which stated that Daniele had surpassed her in terms of online interaction. Daniele responded by acknowledging the tweet that was sent by the seasoned reporter, and between the two ladies, they engaged in some lighthearted banter.

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After Helen Yee quietly called out Nina-Marie Daniele for not replying to her text message earlier this year, things unfortunately became ugly. Irrespective of the circumstances, things turned ugly. In her response, the influencer stated that she had responded to Yee’s messages, but that she had retracted her response after gaining the impression that the reporter was unfriendly toward her. Both parties released screenshots of their phone conversations, which caused the situation to escalate.

It should not come as a surprise that their feud has become a topic of debate within the community given the fame that they enjoy among fans of mixed martial arts (MMA). Fans responded to the question posed by @HomelanderMMA about who they thought would emerge victorious in a mixed martial arts match by posting their thoughts in the comments area.

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One of the fans made a joke about Khabib Nurmagomedov being able to defeat both of them and the following was written:

“Khabib owns them both, sadly.”
In support of Nina-Marie Daniele, another fan wrote the following:

“Obv Nina, Helen is pushing 50.”
Take a look at some further responses down below:

Nina-Marie Daniele brutally slams MMA media for unethical reporting

Most recently, Nina-Marie Daniele voiced her opinion on mixed martial arts (MMA) media and criticized them for erroneously publishing “breaking” news in order to get online popularity. In the realm of mixed martial arts (MMA) reporting, the well-known social media influencer and 2018 Playboy “Playmate of the Year” has established a name for herself thanks to the one-of-a-kind fighter interviews that she has conducted (as was noted).

In a tweet that she sent out not too long ago, Daniele criticized many media outlets for publishing exclusive or breaking news without providing evidence to support their claims, as well as for relying on anonymous sources without verifying the information. As she put it:

“A significant issue with mixed martial arts (MMA) media is that the majority of them are so anxious to broadcast “breaking news,” yet they don’t care to confirm! Instead, they put their faith in unreliable sources. Since this is the case, MMA Media cannot be relied upon. Additionally, why is the media so keen to release news before the promotion?

Nina-Marie Daniele made the observation that this behavior was bad to the reputation of the media and alienated them from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She went on to say:

Because of this, the promotion will not be successful for you, and it will work against you. In my opinion, because it is a street that goes in both directions, you are doing yourself a disservice. #Restore the Greatness of MMA Media”

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