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Ryan Garcia gives an explanation for why he no longer wants to confront them, saying, “Lost his shot.” A. Haney, Devin


Everyone in the boxing world was taken aback by Ryan Garcia’s recent shift in his position on the possibility of fighting Devin Haney.

On Saturday, ‘KingRy’ said that he will now be aiming for a battle with Rolando Romero, the current champion of the WBA super lightweight division, rather than a bout with Haney for the WBC super lightweight belt.

At the 140-pound weight class, “The Dream” emerged victorious over Regis Prograis in a stunning manner last month, so becoming the new WBC champion. Following his victory in the super lightweight division, he was pleased to receive Garcia’s callout.

InsideFighting conducted an interview with Garcia not too long ago, and during the discussion, Garcia explained on the reasons he is no longer interested in fighting Haney. This is what he said:

“Yeah, Devin was unsuccessful in his attempt. At first, he believed it was Haney-Garcia. The fact that it was Garcia-Haney should have been obvious to him. Without a doubt, he believed that he was the all-a-side. He has completed 35,000 pay-per-view purchases.
Observe the footage that begins at 0:48 below:

Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia are two of the most promising young stars in the sport of boxing, and it is highly probable that they will face each other in the future, in the event that their planned fight in 2024 does not take place.

Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney trade words online after ‘KingRy’ changes his mind on facing him

Ryan Garcia criticized Devin Haney after the latter’s record-breaking victory over Regis Prograis in December, which resulted in Haney becoming the new champion of the WBC super lightweight division.

After coming back from his loss to Gervonta Davis with a knockout victory over Oscar Duarte in December, “KingRy” was keen to set up a fight with Haney that would guarantee him a significant amount of money.

During an interview that took place a few weeks ago, Eddie Hearn, the promoter of “The Dream,” stated that negotiations were still taking place amongst the parties currently involved. On the other hand, Garcia posted the following on X yesterday, showing a significant change in the course of events:

“I have informed my colleagues that I will be embarking on a different path. My current plan is to engage in combat with Rolando Romero. I pray that my team will support me in making this choice. Insist that this fight go place, Oscar. NOW THAT IS THE ACTION. Larger battles bring in larger profits.Regardless of what happens to Rollies, the conflict between the developers will be there and even more intense. At this moment, everyone is providing feedback. In the end, will realize that it was the superior choice. In addition to that, he can go fight Richardson Hitchens. You should go and make your 30,000 PPV purchases. “Dev, I don’t need you; you need me,” I once said.

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