Ruairi McSorley, often known as “Frostbit Boy,” is a viral sensation who wants Conor McGregor to be the driving force behind his concept of “complete revision of Irish constitution.”

It would appear that Ruairi McSorley’s aspirations and Conor McGregor’s consideration of running for president of Ireland are on the same page.

It was when the former UFC two-division champion accused Irish authorities of unfairly singling him out as a “scapegoat” for the recent incident in Dublin that he got momentum for his future move into politics. In his statement, McGregor said that the government was attempting to shift attention away from a knife attack on children that occurred on November 23 in the capital of Ireland. This attack sparked anti-immigrant demonstrations and mayhem.

After these events, “The Notorious” described his potential road to the presidency of Ireland and stated, “I’d fancy my chances.” He also stated that he would be interested in the opportunity.

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According to an article that was published in the Belfast Telegraph not too long ago, the online celebrity known as “Frostbit boy” proclaimed his political aspirations and expressed his wish to abolish the current system of governance in the Republic. His vision is of a new Ireland, one in which he would serve as prime minister and McGregor would serve as president. ‘The Reign of King Ruairi,’ McSorley’s most recent book, was just recently released, and it outlines a vision in which the taoiseach (prime minister) and the president of Ireland will be directly elected together.

McSorley provided further elaboration on his strategies for bringing about changes in the political system in Ireland during a recent interview with Sunday Life.

“The opportunity to effectively restructure Ireland would be afforded to us if the unity vote were to be successful. I am proposing the possibility of enhancing a number of institutions inside the government, including the presidency. A leader of the people who is more independent from the government is what I propose. Conor McGregor has the potential to be an outstanding president. To talk about my thoughts with him, I would be thrilled to meet him. Ever since the shutdown, I have been making preparations for a comprehensive reform of the Irish constitution.
He went on to say:

“He has inspired so many people to take up martial arts and chase their dreams, so my suggestion is that he could use those qualities in a reformed presidency role.”
The footage of McSorley being interviewed on the news in 2015, in which he made a hilarious remark about how “You wouldn’t be long gettin’ frostbit” went viral, was the catalyst for his rise to celebrity as a youngster.

Colby Covington backs Conor McGregor as potential Irish president

In a recent interview with All Out Fighting, Colby Covington provided his thoughts on the possibility of Conor McGregor running for president and stated his strong faith in the talents of the Irishman, who is 35 years old:

“I believe that Conor would be an excellent leader. I believe that he possesses a great deal of those attributes that are associated with world championships. He has a strong belief in freedom, which is the most essential value. Conor is someone I respect. The sight of his people being murdered in the streets and the streets of Ireland being set ablaze is something that he does not wish to witness. I believe that he would be very successful in the political arena in Ireland.

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