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Ricky Hatton discusses his terrible struggle with mental health and expresses his desire to assist his kid in coping with the negative aspects of fame. “It was like a death in the family,” says Hatton.


Ricky Hatton, a former boxing world champion, has lately revealed personal information regarding the struggles he has had with his mental health. Despite the fact that “The Hitman” Hatton won five world titles throughout his storied career, he views his accomplishments as meaningless since he struggled with addiction and despair.

Before losing via technical knockout to Floyd Mayweather in the tenth round of their bout for the WBC welterweight belt in December 2007, Hatton had never been knocked out in his whole career. Hatton was profoundly affected by the loss, and it was this event that signaled the beginning of his issues with his mental health. In a recent interview with Daily Mail, the 44-year-old actor said the following:

“‘I thought I was going to beat Floyd Mayweather,'” the fighter said. It turned my head away when I didn’t, despite the fact that I had assured all of those admirers who went over that I would. After we had finished fighting, I felt so ashamed that I couldn’t even go down the street.I didn’t want anyone to see my face, so I hid it. It’s a shame really, because it marked the beginning of my issues with my mental health.
Two years later, another great boxer named Manny Pacquaio totally overshadowed Ricky Hatton, which made the situation much more precarious. After receiving a vicious knockout blow from “Pacman,” the atmosphere in the dressing room was intolerable for Hatton, who delights in the glory of winning. Additionally, “The Hitman” stated:

Ricky Hatt

Ricky Hatton’s issues with his mental health finally led him to a point where he considered ending his life by taking his own life. The former world champion feels that the sport of boxing should do more for its athletes, similar to how the Premier League football players are represented by the Professional Footballers Association (PFA).

By fostering improved communication between the two of them, Hatton also intends to assist his son Campbell in avoiding repeating the errors that he has made in his own life. In addition, ‘The Hitman’ stated the following to the Daily Mail:

There is a potential that Campbell may struggle with the same issues pertaining to his mental health that I do. I told Campbell that he should talk to me about anything that is bothering him, so he did. I came dangerously close to not being here to take pleasure in the things that I am enjoying doing right now. Having quality time with my grandfather and witnessing Campbell’s transition into the working world. watching my little girls mature into the lovely young women they have become. As a result of my suicide thoughts, I almost didn’t make it to see it. Therefore, I will be sure to contact him on a daily basis to find out how he is doing.

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