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Rich Franklin explains to American fans why they are so attracted by Muay Thai by saying that watching it is “like watching MMA without takedowns.”


Rich Franklin, a veteran in the sport of mixed martial arts, is more than willing to claim credit for the notion of promoting Muay Thai matches with four-ounce gloves. Franklin came up with the idea.

The innovative approach that ONE Championship takes to the art of eight limbs has resulted in the creation of one of the most fascinating sports in the entire globe. Muay Thai has been mostly absent in the United States; but, because to the promotion, the delightfully violent sport is beginning to gather some traction in the mainland.

Franklin, the current Vice President of ONE Championship, recently spoke on the Weighing In podcast with Josh Thomson and ‘Big’ John McCarthy. During their conversation, Franklin revealed that he can’t quite recall who first thought of the notion of having Muay Thai fights in MMA gloves. He made a witty remark about how he will go ahead and claim credit for the brilliant concept.

Franklin added, “I think there’s a huge Muay Thai following in the US more than people realize,” and he believes that this is the case. “Because it’s very similar to watching MMA, except there are no takedowns, and the stand-up action is better because we use four-ounce gloves for our Muay Thai matches.” I have no recollection of who came up with the idea [for Muay Thai to be fought with four-ounce gloves], so I’ll take the credit for it myself. I have some useful suggestions that I would want to make to the management of the organization.

Some of the best strikers ever to compete in the sport are presently competing in ONE Championship. These strikers include reigning world champions such as Rodtang Jitmuangnon, Superlek Kiatmoo9, Jonathan Haggerty, Tawanchai, Smilla Sundell, and Allycia Hellen Rodrigues. Other notable strikers include Tawanchai, Jonathan Haggerty, and Tawanchai.

On January 12, 2019, at ONE Fight Night 18, former ONE bantamweight MMA champion John ‘Hands of Stone’ Lineker will make his debut in the sport of Muay Thai against living legend Liam ‘Hitman’ Harrison.

Harrison will make his return after being sidelined since August 2022 due to a knee injury. He will do so inside the legendary Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, where he will compete against one of the biggest hitters in all of combat sports.

On January 12, Amazon Prime Video users in North America will be able to watch the entirety of ONE Fight Night 18 live and without charge during primetime in the United States.

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