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Bradley Martyn gives his response to Joe Rogan’s analysis of the YouTuber’s potential outcomes in a street battle against Demetrious Johnson. Joe Rogan provided the analysis.


Bradley Martyn, a bodybuilder and YouTuber, has shared his thoughts in response to a video in which Joe Rogan analyzes the fitness expert’s potential winnings in a street fight vs Demetrious Johnson.

Martyn is a phenomenally popular YouTuber who presently has more than 3 million subscribers on the platform. The 34-year-old athlete rose to celebrity after regularly posting content to his channel that featured lifting stunts and other displays of his incredible strength.

Recent statements that Martyn made online about ONE flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson have generated a stir in the online community. The podcaster was having a conversation with his close buddy and MMA personality Brendan Schaub when ‘Big Brown’ made the assertion that Johnson would have no trouble winning a bout against Bradley Martyn.

Martyn retaliated by claiming that he would “crush” the former champion of the UFC. In his words:

“I’m going to stomp on his head until it’s bloody on the ground.”
After some time had passed, Schaub and Martyn, who weighs 270 pounds, got together once more, and Schaub stated that “Mighty Mouse” had contacted him with the intention of challenging Martyn to a grappling fight.

The host of JRE provided his thoughts on the possibility of Demetrious Johnson and Bradley Martyn fighting each other and stated that the bodybuilder has “no chance” of winning against the flyweight champion. In his words:

“There is no possibility, there is no opportunity for him [Bradley Martyn]. It’s going to end badly for him behind the scenes.”
The author Bradley Martyn
Bradley Martyn can be followed on Twitter at @BradleyMartyn. pic.twitter.com/PcrKKuoA9t 4381 155
Martyn then provided his response to Joe Rogan’s breakdown, during which he jokingly revealed that it made him thrilled to hear Rogan describe the potential clash as a “street fight.” Martyn then continued to give his reaction to Joe Rogan’s assessment.

When Joe Rogan named an NBA star who would have had a successful MMA career

Joe Rogan has been quoted as saying in the past that NBA superstar LeBron James possesses all of the characteristics necessary to have been a very successful MMA fighter.

According to the presenter of the JRE, James possesses natural physical features that some fighters are unable to acquire despite the usage of drugs. These aspects of James’ physique set him apart from the competition. In addition to this, Rogan said that the physical attributes he possessed would have made him an extremely difficult opponent for other fighters in the UFC.

Joe Rogan elaborated as follows:

“I don’t care a f*** what sort of steroids you take, you are never going to look like that. It doesn’t matter. Never. There are some people in the human population who have unfathomably advantageous physical characteristics. Someone like LeBron James would have an incomprehensible edge over someone like you, who would have an incomprehensible advantage over someone like LeBron James….Someone like him, if they were fighting, it would be game over for everyone!

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