Regian Eersel discusses the beginnings of his adventure in kickboxing.

Today, ‘The Immortal’ Regian Eersel is known as one of the most formidable strikers in the world. He won the lightweight kickboxing and Muay Thai world championships in their respective weight classes. His meteoric climb to fame has been thrilling to watch, and it all began when he was a young boy sitting down with his parents to watch television.

As a result of what the young Eersel saw while he was in Japan watching K-1 kickboxing matches, he quickly came to the conclusion that he wanted to compete in combat sports.

Eersel discussed his introduction to kickboxing during a recent appearance he made on the channel Sensei Sam on YouTube. Sensei Sam is a martial arts instructor.

According to “The Immortal,”

I sat down with my folks to watch the K-1 show that was broadcast on television in Japan. Always in the back of my mind, I would ask, “What would it be like to fight in a foreign country with thousands of people looking on?” And at that point I was thinking, “Okay, maybe I should just try it, you know.” I decided to research for the closest gym, and it turned out to be this gym. I went in there and told the staff that I want to fight. The first spark of attraction was sparked while watching the K-1 show. [beginning at 4:40]

It is clear that Eersel enjoys the work that he does in the Circle since his enthusiasm shines through in every one of his performances. When he makes his comeback to competition for his next battle, the ONE global champion in two sports can’t wait to put his skills on show for all to see once more.

The phrase “The Immortal” At ONE Fight Night 11: Eersel vs. Menshikov, held on Prime Video, Regian Eersel will defend his lightweight Muay Thai world title against Dmitry Menshikov of Russia. This fight will be for the ONE lightweight Muay Thai world title.

On Friday, June 9, the event will be televised live from the legendary Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand. It will be available to fans in the United States and Canada who have an active subscription to Amazon Prime Video to view completely free of charge.

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