Prior to making his debut at the featherweight division, former UFC champion Aljamain Sterling has revealed a “realistic” timeframe and opponents.

Aljamain Sterling, a former champion of the bantamweight category in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is contemplating a move to the featherweight division and has already identified a potential opponent for the transition.

After losing to Sean O’Malley via knockout in the second round of the main event of UFC 292, which took place in August, Sterling was unable to defend his title at the 135-pound weight class. Before the fight, the fighter known as the “Funk Master” had stated that he was considering retiring from the bantamweight class if the fight went in that direction. Sterling stated his plan to go up to the 145-pound weight class, making reference to the difficulties he encountered when attempting to reduce his weight.

On the occasion of his first featherweight bout, the American fighter, who is 34 years old, had enthusiastically proclaimed his wish to compete in the octagon against either Max Holloway or Calvin Kattar.

In an interview that took place not so long ago with MMA Junkie, Sterling revealed the anticipated timetable for his return and also shared his ideal opponents, which are as follows:

Calvin Kattar and I are arguably the most likely candidates for the realistic scenario. I believe that he is the only one who does not have a fight; he has also been absent for a considerable amount of time. Taking into consideration the fact that I am likely going to be absent for a period of time as well by the month of March, it is possible that this will be the fight.

He went on to say:

“But a fight between Max Holloway and others would also be a fantastic one. Two former champions going at it, Max doesn’t really have much to do right now unless he’s going to up to 155 pounds; that’s just speculation, but if he gets busy, or, if I should say, if he gets bored, you know Max, the best is ‘Blessed’ but you know the ‘Funk’ has something to say about that as well.”

How are fans responding to Aljamain Sterling’s potential featherweight move?

A wide variety of emotions were received from fans in response to the possibility that Aljamain Sterling will move up to the featherweight class.

Someone wrote:

“I don’t think he is going to fare well at 145.. we shall see”
One more person commented:

“Doesn’t want to fight a wrestler makes sense”
Take a look at some further responses down below:

“the ‘Funk Master’ will do good in featherweight””If you were to look at what O’Malley did to Aljo, you would see that Hollywood would certainly cook him. It is beyond a doubt that Max would kill him at 145″This is a suicide attempt. If you want to win the first one, you need battle below the 11th rank.”Brian Ortega is the matchup Aljo needs”

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