‘Power couple’ of Muay Thai Rodtang and Aida Looksaikongdin groove to Mariah Carey’s ‘Touch My Body’ in this video that can be viewed here.

Rodtang Jimuangnon, a living legend who also happens to be a ONE world champion, is having the time of his life as a doting husband.

After going toe-to-toe with fellow Thai warrior Superlek Kiatmoo9 at ONE Friday Fights 34 last month, ‘The Iron Man’ is fresh off delivering one of the best fights in the history of ONE Championship. This fight was ranked as one of the best in the history of ONE Championship.

Although Rodtang may not have done as well as he had hoped on the scorecards, it is clear that he is not letting this setback get him down, as proven by a recent post on Instagram in which he and his wife can be seen moving their bodies to the music of Mariah Carey.

“The ultimate power team” What are Rodtang’s plans for the future? @rodtang_jimungnon”

The comments section on Instagram was lighted up with adoration from fans who praised Rodtang’s intensity inside the circle as well as his contagious charisma outside of it.

“A shout out to Rodtang and Mrs. Rodtang!”

“I’m glad to see that my son is having fun. At 26 years old, Rodtang is already a living legend.When he’s not kicking people in the face, he has a very different appearance.”Seeing them wearing a sweat suit in Thailand is making me sweat like a pig lol””Falling in love with this vibe”They give off the impression of being cheerful and innocuous, but the fact that they can kill you makes me laugh.”I’m happy to hear that he’s having fun with his wife. Because he is still young, it is important for him to take advantage of this time to relax and have fun.”It ought to be against the law to be this adorable.””Rodtang has touched bodies in the worst way possible, and yet he still comes off as a lover and not a fighter.”
Rodtang suffered his first defeat in the art of eight limbs in five years when he was defeated by Superlek. However, the decision was not without some controversy, as many fight fans felt that ‘The Iron Man’ did more than enough to secure a victory over ‘The Kicking Machine’ inside of the famed Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.

Do you think Rodtang and Superlek would make a good team to run it back?

The whole replay of ONE Friday Fights 34 can be viewed in its entirety on the official channel for ONE Championship’s YouTube channel.

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