Photo: Jorge Masvidal receives a blazer from the UFC Anti-Doping Program after passing 50 clean tests.

Jorge Masvidal recently received a commemorative jacket from the UFC’s anti-doping programme for completing 50 clean tests while still competing.The co-main event of UFC 287 is scheduled to take place tonight, and Miami native Masvidal will be attempting to win his fourth straight fight when he takes on Gilbert Burns.Before making his eagerly anticipated comeback, “Gamebred” was awarded the coveted USADA jacket, demonstrating his spotless drug test history. MMA writer Aaron Bronsteter tweeted the information along with a photo of the athlete getting his honor, writing:

“To celebrate 50 successful clean tests in the UFC Anti-Doping Program, Jorge Masvidal just received a jacket from the organisation.

In order to ensure that every fighter on their roster is free of doping and rigorously following the regulations, the UFC teamed up with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) in 2015. Jorge Masvidal was among the athletes in the UFC who underwent the most testing last year, when USADA tested 755 fighters a total of 4,183 times. In the year 2022, he had completed 14 tests.

Jorge Masvidal and Joe Rogan blast the UFC’s USADA program

Although Miami-born Jorge Masvidal takes pleasure in being a clean fighter, he dislikes going through the routine testing procedure.

The two individuals from “Gamebred” recently appeared on Joe Rogan’s well-known podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), where they criticised USADA for their inconsistent practises.Masvidal and the UFC commentator spoke about a range of mixed martial arts-related subjects, but both men seemed to despise the UFC anti-doping policy.

Masvidal stated on the JRE MMA Show (#137):

“Like, give everyone a level playing field. It’s just like USADA regulates Americans more strictly than many of these other nations, which they aren’t even allowed to enter. So, just make it equitable for everyone. If I’m examined 20 times a year, then so and so should be tested 20 times a year as well.
In agreement with his guest, Joe Rogan also highlighted the negative consequences USADA’s random testing programme has on athletes. He cited Alexander Volkanovski’s account of how being awakened at six in the morning for a sample interfered with his ability to rest and recover before a fight.

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