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Payout difference for UFC 287: The champion Alex Pereira will receive only half of Israel Adesanya’s earnings


Israel Adesanya vs. Alex Pereira, the highly anticipated main event of UFC 287, is scheduled to take place later this weekend.After two kickboxing matches and one mixed martial arts contest, the two will square off for the fourth time in their lives. Alex Pereira has prevailed in all three of their fights, two of which were won through knockout.

It’s reasonable to say that the UFC has never seen a rivalry quite like that between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya. No matter how UFC 287 ends their battle, the two are expected to leave with much more money. However, according to recent allegations, the two combatants are paid very differently.

The Sports Daily estimates that Alex Pereira will receive a basic salary of $500,000 for his fight at UFC 287. Additionally, ‘Poatan’ will receive $42,000 in bonuses. Israel Adesanya, on the other hand, is predicted to make $32,000 in incentive compensation in addition to a basic salary of an astounding $1 million.

As ‘Poatan’ is new to the studio and presumably won’t draw as many viewers as ‘The Last Stylebender,’ it is important to note that the compensation disparity between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya is significant.

Israel Adesanya vs. Alex Pereira: ‘Poatan’ believes Adesanya is making a mistake with immediate UFC 287 rematch

As previously indicated, at UFC 281, “The Last Stylebender” lost his middleweight title to his seasoned foe Alex Pereira. While Adesanya might have waited a while before reclaiming the title, he chose an instant rematch instead.

Alex Pereira seems to think Adesanya erred for the same reason. Despite suffering three defeats at the hands of “Poatan,” the former middleweight champion shouldn’t have sought a rematch right away. The following was said by the Brazilian at the UFC 287 media day:

“Man, don’t do this fight right now. If he were on my team, I would tell him that.” Although he’s had a successful career, he realised there would be no success against me, so I would strongly urge him against taking this fight at this time. Fight once or twice, then return and attempt once more.

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