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Patrick Bet-David praises Dana White for rejecting political censorship in the midst of the ban on UFC Peloton bikes, saying, “That’s what built a $10 billion brand.”


Patrick Bet-David has praised Dana White for her apparent defiance of political censorship in response to the recent comments made by the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) against the Peloton bike brand.

White’s rise to notoriety as an entrepreneur began shortly after he began serving as the organization’s president in the year 2001. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was eventually transformed into a reputable global brand that is worth more than ten billion dollars by the American fight promoter. Endeavor, a media conglomerate based in the United States, is the current owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and White is the CEO of the organization.

This past month, in November 2023, the 54-year-old individual made an appearance on the podcast hosted by comedian Theo Von. During their conversation, the two individuals particularly discussed political censorship and free expression. White stated that a prominent UFC sponsor had requested that he remove a social media post in which he had proclaimed his love and support for Donald Trump, who had previously served as President of the United States.

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It was disclosed by Dana White that he had criticized the sponsor and hinted that no one has the authority to tell him which politician to vote for or what political ideology to adhere to.

A similar claim was made by Theo Von, who stated that one of the sponsors of his podcast, Peloton, a company based in the United States that specializes in training equipment and media, informed him that they would not advertise their brand on a YouTube video that was uploaded to Von’s channel because the film featured the controversial politician Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Dana White voiced his disapproval of Peloton and appeared to deliver the message to his team that any Peloton bikes located in UFC facilities should be removed immediately.

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Patrick Bet-David, an American entrepreneur who was born in Iran, addressed White’s decision to prohibit Peloton bikes from being used at UFC gyms on the PBD podcast. The passionate mixed martial arts fan revealed a personal story from his own life. The individual known as “PBD” recalled that he and his business partner, who was the driving force behind an insurance company, had reached an agreement to pay for the acquisition of a specific software product or service from a software establishment.

On the other hand, the software business asked them to advertise their software goods and services to a few other insurance companies for free, which almost caused the contract to fall through. The individual known as “PBD” declined the offer and responded by stating that he would only market the software company if they offered their software services to his company at no cost.

Insinuating that the software company eventually gave in to his demands and even invested in his insurance company, Patrick Bet-David made this statement. He elaborated as follows:

As a side note, are you aware of what took place? Through the investment, his software, and his business, we were able to make him a significant amount of money. To their surprise, the company ended up bursting.
Wager onDavid drew comparisons between himself and Dana White, stating that both of them are unwilling to compromise on their respective corporate and political codes, even if doing so would result in the loss of sponsors. A statement made by ‘PBD’ praised White for taking a stand against Peloton, saying:

“At times, you can get the impression that Dana only started acting like this after he started making money. In contrast, a man like Dana, I can assure you, has been acting in this manner ever since he was sixteen years old and living on the streets of Boston. During the time that he was losing a lot of things, Dana was like that, pushing his weight around and declaring, “I’m not going to stand up for this.”

He went on to say:

“And Dana being in such a position, I can assure you that it has caused him to lose a couple of friendships and relationships. And I promise you that! However, this is precisely what constructed a brand worth ten billion dollars. You are required to give a thank-you note.

Dana White vs. Peloton bikes: Revisiting the UFC CEO’s remarks regarding the brand

During his talk with Theo Von, Dana White, the head honcho of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, reaffirmed his support for Donald Trump, a politician in the United States and a fellow business mogul. In addition, the CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) expressed his opinion that the Peloton company’s attempt to punish Von for inviting 2020 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his podcast was a mistake.

An attempt was made by Dana White to poke fun of Peloton by posing a rhetorical question, which inquired as to whether or not the company sells stationary exercise cycles. Taking this into consideration, the 54-year-old individual made the observation that it is peculiar for a brand of that nature to have a problem with a politician such as Kennedy Jr. appearing on Von’s podcast. White was quoted as saying:

“What do they sell, stationary cycles, Peloton? What do they sell? Peloton is a company that sells stationary bikes, and they apparently have a problem with Robert Kennedy in particular… Making phone calls and telling rumors about Robert Kennedy… A removal of the Pelotons is going to take place. The term “pelotons” is no longer common. During the course of today, my guys are going to remove the Pelotons from the gym. It is time for us to get rid of them.

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