Paige VanZant’s snow-plunging during the Alaskan winter while wearing a backless top elicits a range of responses from her fans, including “Don’t break the hot tub.”

On social media, Paige VanZant’s most recent Instagram image has elicited a wide range of responses from her followers.

In terms of social media, ’12 Gauge’ is quite active and demonstrates a great understanding of how to attract attention. Because of this, she has been able to amass a significant number of followers on various social media platforms. Recently, she posted a video to Instagram in which she and her husband, Austin Vanderford, were seen taking pleasure in the cold weather in Alaska.

Take a peek at the video that Paige VanZant had created below:

VanZant’s humorous video has elicited responses from fans, who have been eager to share their thoughts in the comment section of the video. Check out some of the responses that have been provided below:

“Don’t break the hot tub this time”As soon as the steam was released into the snow! What a cool thing this is! This behavior is common with all Russians.I take pleasure in seeing when other individuals are having a variety of fun. I haven’t seen this very often, but whatever brings you joy is the right thing to do.

Paige VanZant opens up about getting hate on social media

Since joining OnlyF*ns, Paige VanZant has quickly become one of the most popular makers on the platform. The last time ’12 Gauge’ competed was in 2021, when she was defeated by Rachael Ostovich in a unanimous decision at BKFC 19. Since then, she has been able to create a very successful life for herself because to the exclusive content-sharing platform.

Despite this, VanZant has been the target of a great deal of criticism on social media platforms due to the fact that she uses these platforms to market her exclusive content collection. It was during an edition of her AKick*ssLoveStory podcast when ’12 Gauge’ discussed the instances in which she was confronted with nasty remarks on various social media platforms.

Making the assumption that individuals make unfavorable comments because they believe they have a say in the matter. This is what she said:

“I am aware that Instagram is only a social media platform, but the comment area on these videos on my Instagram account is a good example of how things get done. The reason that people comment on bad things is because it gives them the impression that they have one.
The husband of VanZant, Austin Vanderford, expressed his concern for his wife and made the following statement:

“You are a very kind person, you have a sweetheart and you know, a lot of that stuff gets lost on social media and it’s crazy.”

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