Owner of Endeavor? The parent corporation of the UFC makes an offer to buy WWE.

CNBC reported on Sunday that an agreement for Endeavor to buy WWE for $9.3 billion was almost complete. Endeavor is the parent business of the UFC. Over the past few months, there has been a lot of discussion about WWE being sold, and these rumours are finally coming to an end.To manage the UFC and WWE, Endeavor will create a new public company as part of the deal. WWE shareholders would own 49% of the combined company under the proposed merger, while Endeavor/UFC would retain 51%. CEO Ari Emanuel and executive chairman Patrick Whitesell established the American holding company for talent and media agencies in April 2009.

Both organisations will continue to be led by Emanuel. The executive chairs will be Mark Shapiro, president of the American holding firm, and Vince McMahon. While current WWE CEO Nick Khan will take over as president of the world’s largest professional wrestling organization, Dana White will continue to head the UFC. According to CNBC, the formal announcement of the WWE acquisition could happen as soon as Monday. He paid WWE $17.4 million for the settlement funds he reportedly stole from the company’s accounts on March 23 following a protracted investigation.

The majority shareholding in the UFC was purchased by Endeavor in 2016. By acquiring the remaining stockholders in 2021, the company fully acquired the top MMA organisation. The UFC and ESPN agreed to a five-year distribution agreement in 2019 under which ESPN would host UFC pay-per-view events exclusively. At the end of 2023, the contract is up for renewal, roughly around the same time that WWE’s broadcast rights agreements with NBCUniversal and Fox expire.

Jake Paul believes UFC parent company Endeavor acquiring WWE will help improve fighter pay

Tension between Jake Paul and the UFC has been caused by his past of open conflict with the organisation’s leadership. Dana White, the UFC president, has come under fire from Paul on social media, who claims that White has underpaid and poorly compensated UFC competitors. Paul’s allegations have been rejected by White, who even dared his detractors to establish their own fight company. In the boxing arena, “The Problem Child” has faced several UFC legends and prevailed over opponents like Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley. Paul is perceived by many in the MMA community as an uncaring outsider trying to take advantage of their sport.

Paul posted on Twitter in response to the most recent rumours that the UFC’s parent business might buy WWE: “UFC plus WWE is too logical. Excellent way to increase fighter compensation.

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